Being a bride-to-be, you want to be the most clued up person ever when it comes to weddings – or at least you want to sound like it. But there are few questions that niggle away at you and your wedding plans in the run up to the big day, that sometimes, you’re just too embarrassed to ask.  Gaz & Lizzie-260-2

Don’t feel stupid or less of a bride! These are the common questions that every bride wants to ask, but feel like they can’t…

“How do I let them know they’re not my bridesmaid?”

It happens to all of us. We grow up telling each and every best friend we ever have the everlasting words of ‘You’ll definitely be my bridesmaid when I get married’ without thinking of the consequences. When the day actually comes, you realise you just don’t think  your budget will fund 23 bridesmaids which is where the point comes when you have to let some girls down. But how?

When it comes to money and your wedding budget, you do have to be ruthless with everything – including your bridesmaids! You need to be sensible with how many you have, and think about the whole of the ‘bridesmaid package’, which isn’t just the dress. They’ll still be able to be there on the big day, and you can send a hen party invite their way too!

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“What’s too much to ask for a wedding gift?”

The gift-list is sometimes a touchy subject for guests. Will they complain that you’re only asking for money? Will they complain that there’s nothing that they actually want to buy you on there? Will they complain that everything on there is too much? Is asking for a honeymoon going a little far?

A great way to avoid the risk of annoyed wedding guests, make sure your wedding gift list has a range of prices. And if it’s that dream honeymoon you’re after, a honeymoon gift list like Buy Our Honeymoon is the way forward! This way, guests can pay for or contribute towards different parts of the honeymoon – from relaxing spa treatments to the more adrenaline-pumping activities like shark cave diving, the list is endless as well as totally adaptable to what YOU want. A little more exciting than a new cutlery set?


“How do I pee in my wedding dress?”

Trust us, every bride asks this question. It’s big and it’s white – not the most ideal situation to be in if you’re desperate for the toilet admittedly, but there are ways around a very awkward wedding dress moment. The best method? Sounds silly, but what you’ve got to do is… sit the opposite way on the toilet. Yep – straddle that loo to save your dress! But it is always a good idea to request the help of your bridesmaids, just in case. Maybe pre-warn them that this will be added to their list of bridesmaid chores though…


“What’s the appropriate way to kiss in the ceremony?”

“You may now kiss the bride” raises the question: ‘How do we kiss?’. Your friends and your family are all there to witness this PDA (public display of affection), so what’s okay? A modest peck, or a full-on snog now that you’re finally husband and wife? To be honest, it’s up to YOU. It’s your wedding day – if there has to be an excuse for PDA, today is that day. Whether you keep it low-key and save it for the wedding night, or go all out, everyone will be happy for you. And if they don’t like it? Well, they can just hide behind their order of service, can’t they. 13090101_218

“When can I take my veil off?”

It’s not the most embarrassing question of all, but sometimes a little awkward. As much as you love the veil that you bought to complete that beautiful bridal outfit of yours, and as much as you spent on it, you can only wear it for so long. Whether it’s trailing along behind you, blowing off your head, or blowing into your face during the wedding photos, they’re not always the most practical. Do make sure you have some photos with it in (perhaps out of the wind), but it’s not compulsory that a bride must keep her veil on at all times during her wedding day! As soon as you feel it being more of a chore than a plus-point to your outfit, take it off and get one of your bridesmaids to put it in a safe place.  Sophia & Robin-0236

“Do we have to have a first dance?”

It might be you with the left foot, or your husband-to-be, but either way, the first dance can seem a little daunting. The idea of all eyes and a spotlight on you, dancing for the first time as husband and wife might make you weak at the knees – and not in a good way. Yes, it is a tradition, but weddings nowadays aren’t slaves to tradition so don’t worry too much about having a first dance. However, before you say a big ‘NO’ to having one, do consider some other options.

Have a few dance classes with your husband to get a proper taste, and learn the moves properly from a professional. Or how about moving away from the serious side completely and choreographing a more entertaining routine for you and your guests to enjoy?

“Is it okay to not have sex on your wedding night?”

Actually, recent wedding stats show that it’s completely normal to not have sex on your wedding night! And it’s not hard to see why. You’ve been up since sunrise getting your hair and make-up sorted, not to mention sipping on champagne from the early hours, (only because it calms the pre-wedding nerves, obviously), then proceed to standing on your feet pretty much all day long. All the excitement a bride and groom endure on their wedding day can be tiring, so really, there’s no surprise that over half of newly married couples end their wedding day in the classiest way possible: passing out.

But for those to determined to commemorate their first night as husband and wife, we’ve got 9 ways to guarantee sex on your wedding night – stick to these, and you might just get lucky. Remember, you might want to remove the Bridget Jones pants before it’s too late… LAP-Copyright-682-vintage

So we’ve done the embarrassing stuff now, what about the special moments of every bride-to-be? And for the brides looking to feel better about the harder times they’ve had in wedding planning, this will show you you’re not alone!