If you and your husband-to-be are fretting over wedding gift list etiquette (is it too much to ask for a KitchenAid Mixer? Is a Playstation 4 too frivolous?), then make yourself feel a little bit better by taking a look at some of these frankly outrageous gift list requests from celebrity weddings! What was that saying about money and sense…?

Kate Moss’s crystal ashtrays

Before her 2011 wedding to The Kills frontman Jamie Hince, Kate Moss sent out an extortionate gift list for her guests to choose from. Gift options included a £6,600 silk rug, £5,000 cutlery service, a £4,600 mirror, a £4,750 cocktail set and crates of Cristal Champagne at £1,833 each – but the strangest request had to be 14 crystal ashtrays from high-end London retailer Talisman, costing £240 each!

Eva Longoria’s silver cocktail stirrers

This Desperate Housewives must really enjoy her cocktails – when she married basketball player Tony Parker in 2007, their gift list included silver cocktail stirrers from Tiffany that cost $100 EACH! The couple split in 2011 after Parker cheated on his wife, so we certainly hope that she got to keep the stirrers!


Kim Kardashian’s vase

The now Mrs Kanye West infamously stayed married to basketball player Kris Humphries for just 72 days, which makes the couple’s gift list even more flabbergasting. Their requests included gold napkin rings, a set of salad serving spoons by Buccellati priced at $880, and a $7,850 Baccarat vase, making the total value of their list a whopping £432,000 – that’s £6,000 for each day of marriage! We hope their guests kept their receipts…

Liza Minelli’s soup tureens

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No stranger to marriage, icon Liza Minelli still had the balls to ask for some pretty crazy gifts for her fourth wedding to David Gest in 2002. The pair registered at Tiffany’s for no less than FOUR Elsa Peretti soup tureens, each costing $4,000! The couple separated a mere year after their wedding, so it’s perhaps a good thing that they asked for an even number.

Heidi Montag’s salt and pepper shakers

Another ill-fated celebrity couple, another ridiculous gift list! When these fame-hungry Hills stars married in 2009, they certainly didn’t waste the opportunity to register for some bonkers gifts, including a $500 set of Tiffany’s salt and pepper shakers.

Ivanka Trump’s serving fork

Let’s face it – it’s a given that Donald Trump’s daughter would have expensive taste. When she married businessman Jared Kushner in 2009, the couple’s gift list included a $270 Tiffany’s serving fork – now that’s what we call forking out! (Sorry.)

Stella McCartney’s trees

When fashion designer Stella McCartney married publisher Alasdhair Willis in 2003, the couple reportedly asked guests for trees as gifts, as they wanted a forest in the grounds of their home in Worcester. It may be a bit strange, but it’s certainly a lot more environmentally friendly than most celebrity weddings – more power to you, Stella!

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