Wouldn’t it be fabulous to design and make your own wedding stationery yourself, at the fraction of the cost of handmade, bespoke, designer stationery? Handmade touches are always a hit with us…

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Now you can, with Pure Invitation‘s DIY kits. They’ll be so beautiful, your guests would never know you’d DIY‘d it – unless you choose to tell them, of course. And why wouldn’t you?! And the best thing of all? It’s super easy.

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Most brides think that unless you’re a professional, it’s impossible to create stunning, professional-looking wedding stationery themselves.

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Perhaps that used to be true… once. After all, the last thing you want is homemade invitations that look homemade. Craft shops are great, but all you get is a bewildering array of raw materials and no idea where to start. So most people go to the experts.

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What the experts won’t tell you though, is how bloomin’ easy it can be to make your own beautiful invitations. You don’t have to compromise on style or quality. You decide on the look and you set the budget.

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Then you just follow the clear, simple instructions in the kit. There’s no messy, fiddly cutting and scoring – just simple assembly.

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Discover for yourself how easy it can be to create wedding invitations that are perfectly you. Create your very own bespoke invitations that look exactly as you dreamed they would: head to pureinvitation.co.uk today!

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