The team at twobirds Bridesmaid know a thing or two about how to get the perfect bridesmaid look. If you’re getting married in the warmer months, show this to your girlfriends today! 13090101_168

Forgetting to wear sunscreen

Nothing ruins the look of a beautiful dress more than ugly tan line – or worse, sunburn! So make sure that you play it safe and wear sunscreen in the days and weeks leading up to the wedding, and don’t forget to cover up on the day too as you might be spending a lot of time outside.

The same goes for the bride, so remind her to reapply regularly, and it would be a good idea to keep a mini bottle nearby. If you did make the mistake of forgetting your sunscreen and you’re wearing a twobirds dress, then the good news is that you can change your wrap style at the last minute and cover any unsightly lines. Your bride – and her photographer – will thank you later.


Not drinking enough water

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We all hope for a lovely, sunny day for the wedding and if the British summer obliges it could get very hot so make sure you and your bride drink plenty of liquids to keep you hydrated – and alcoholic drinks don’t count!

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Forgetting to consider the humidity when choosing a hairstyle

A lot of us dream of long, flowing, beachy waves, but the reality is that hairstyles like that are much more difficult to maintain in the hot, humid months. If you’re determined to have your hair down, then you’ll need to invest in some great anti-humidity hair products to keep the frizz away and hold those boho waves in place.  Grittenham-532

Wearing the wrong shoes

If the ceremony is outside, you’ll need to think carefully about your footwear. If it’s on sand or grass, you might want to reconsider the skyscraper heels in favour of some gorgeous flat sandals or wedges. Alternatively, invest in some Clean Heels or Sole Mate heel stoppers, which will protect your stilettos and stop you sinking!  1358346563WesLaura0037

Not wearing sweat-proof make up

We’ve all been there… Your make up look amazing when it was first applied, but after running around for a few hours, it’s slowly started to make its way south. The good news is that the panda eye look is easily avoided.

Professional make up artists will know the best products to use for hot days, and if you’re doing your own make up, it would be best to use a great primer and a setting spray to keep everything where it belongs. Our favourites are the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and the Urban Decay All Night make up setting spray.  IMG_8802

Forgetting to pack an ’emergency kit’

A little ’emergency kit’ is an absolute must for any wedding because last minute panics do happen, and you’ll want to be prepared for anything! Have a little bag with deodorant, hair grips, mints, plasters and a little sewing kit and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Rebecca & Luke Wedding (Miki Photography)-89

Assuming the weather will be nice

Having said all of that, unless it’s a destination wedding with almost guaranteed sunshine, you never know what to expect with the British weather so make sure you have an umbrella handy… just in case!  IMG_0312-vintage

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