7 Key Areas Of Your Venue To Feature Flowers

From ceremony to reception, your venue deserves to look beautiful on your wedding day! Transform key areas of your venue space with a choice of 7 types of floral arrangements demonstrated by Lindsey Hunter at Get Knotted

TIP: Before speaking with your florist, it’s good to know what features of your venue you have to play around with in terms of decorating. 

Arches and entrances

The entrance sets the scene for what is to come, so use flowers effectively to introduce guests to your wedding day. Floral arch entrances look fantastic inside or outside of your venue. Use lots of greenery and the same flowers you will have in other floral arrangements.


7 Key Areas Of Your Venue To Feature Flowers

Using fresh flowers on staircases is the ideal way to add some romance and a real wow factor to your venue. Depending on the staircase you want to decorate, you can go all out with a garland strewn with beautiful flowers and foliage, or add several individual floral arrangements. Use flowers such as lilies and scented stocks to add a beautiful aroma to your staircase and venue.

Table wreaths

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7 Key Areas Of Your Venue To Feature Flowers

Candelabras are really popular at the moment. Use fresh flower wreaths to add some colour and texture to the base of individual candelabra on your reception tables. The use of flowers will give your centrepieces a sense of grandeur without them looking over the top.


The altar is the focal point of the ceremony, from walking down the aisle to reciting vows. If your ceremony is in a traditional church, neutral colours and greenery work well.

Hanging flower balls

7 Key Areas Of Your Venue To Feature Flowers

Perfect for adding some colour to a white, ivory or neutral ceiling, hanging flower balls will add interest, height and complete the over all look. If the space you have is particularly large, mix and match hanging flower balls by having a few different sizes or variations. This will add real drama to the overall view of the room on entry, if you don’t have chandeliers, or you are entertaining in a marquee.

Pew ends

Fresh flowers soften and lighten church aisles, which can often have dark wooden pews. They are perfect for drawing the eye to the focus point of the ceremony.

Decorated lanterns on stakes

7 Key Areas Of Your Venue To Feature Flowers

If you are having your wedding at a venue where you are using some inside and outside space, creating a pathway for your guests to follow is a great way to get them excited for what they’re about to see inside. Frame your pathway with fresh flower arrangements surrounding beautiful lanterns on stakes. Alternate each stake with a plain lantern and a floral decorated lantern for a celebratory look. When the evening draws near, the lit lanterns will illuminate the flowers and add to the romance.