It’s not only the bride, groom and the rest of the bridal party that have responsibilities for this wedding, you know… We’ve had a look at the tasks that every wedding guest should be doing for any big day they attend to be the best guest around!


This one is before the wedding day comes around – RSVP. It’s there for a reason! Don’t think that you can just Facebook message the bride to tell her that you and your family are coming to the big day. Seeing as the bride and groom-to-be made the effort with their invitations, the least you can do is make the most of the readily-stamped RSVPs they’ve sent along too. 349-C&M

Stick to the rules

Here’s where the wedding invitation becomes useful again on the big day: the rules of the wedding. If the couple have requested a certain dress code – stick to it, if the couple have requested no plus ones – stick to it, and if the couple have requested an unplugged wedding – stick to it. Don’t be the one doing a live stream of photos of the wedding on your social media, other wise you might just get a bridezilla running out you. RC220314-370


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Before a measly complaint even comes out your mouth, step back and appreciate how much time and effort the new couple put into this wedding day. Actually, even if you’re not complaining, it’s got to be done. Pick out the DIY features, congratulate the bride and her bridesmaids on their hard work making that bunting – they’ll be grateful to know that it’s been appreciated, we’re sure. 2013TRP_Neal&Wendy_highres170

Be (reasonably) sensible

We’re not saying be on your best behaviour – like your behaviour when you first met your new boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents, – but don’t go absolutely crazy. We mean, turn your phone off, and most importantly, know your limits with all the free booze floating around. No one wants a guest asleep in their soup for the first course of the wedding breakfast, do they. Hollie&Paul-509

Control the kids

Whilst you may not have to be on your best behaviour, if you’ve got kids, you should make sure that they are. From the start of the ceremony until their bedtime, keep a close eye on them. Don’t let them loose while the ceremony is happening, it’s incredibly distracting and we think the bride and groom have enough pressure up there as it is! We’ve got loads of great ways to keep the children entertained. 2013-07-27 00331

Sign the guestbook

This will mean so much to the bride and groom – a guest book is the perfect keepsake of the wedding day. Try to be a little more creative than just writing your name and scribble a ‘Good luck’ next to it; add something a little more personal. Why not pass on some marriage advice or tips? Or how about the funniest memory you’ve shared? Or even your favourite part of the day? See! How much more interesting is that than writing your name?! James and Amanda's Wedding (398)


At the end of the day, you’re there to have a good time. Enjoy yourselves and party the night away (whilst still remaining, reasonably, sensible of course)!