The idea of shopping for women is usually positive because it means pretty, new things. Shopping for your bridesmaid dresses does mean pretty, new things too, but it’s not always as easy as first thought!

Here are some tips to make the experience a little easier…

Plan a date in advance

Don’t expect your bridesmaids to drop everything as soon as you mention the word ‘wedding’. Get a date in their diaries so you can make sure they’re not busy and going to cancel. It’s something you can all look forward to – make a whole day out of it with dinner and drinks in the evening! © Amy Murrell 2011-146

Have an idea of what you’re looking for

Don’t go into the shops looking like a lost sheep. Make sure you do a bit of research so that you have an idea of what kind of bridesmaid dresses you’re looking for. Either you’ll be able to spot something from a mile away, or you can let the shop assistant help you find something to match your specifications.

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Advise your girls on underwear

You don’t want your girls turning up with over-the-top or impractical underwear on the day you’re trying to find dresses for the wedding. Get them to wear or bring along appropriate underwear, like strapless bras and shapewear. That way you’ll have a better idea of what it could look like on the day; no frills in sight!

Try on lots of options

Go bridesmaid dress shopping with an open mind, and get your girls to try on different gowns, in various colours and styles, to see which suit them best, and which you prefer best. What you had in mind at first for your bridesmaids might change once you see them in something equally as dazzling. Grittenham-152

Think about hairstyles

It sounds silly, but the way hair is styled can totally change the look of the outfit. So bear this in mind when you’re looking at the dresses on your girls. Up, down, to the side, loose curls, straight – so many options to choose from, but so important to consider! MR 0901


Likewise to shoes! Especially important when it comes to the length of the dress, of course. If you’re looking at a maxi dress for your bridesmaids’ look, where would the hem sit with a pair of heels on? Maddy&Richard0688

Be aware of extra costs

So the obvious thing to do is look at the price tag on the back of the dresses, but don’t be afraid to question the additional costs like shipping, or alteration costs. And hey, while you’re at it, why not ask about the potential for a little discount? It’s worth a try – you’ve got a budget to stick to after all!  IMG_9166

But it’s not all about the dresses, it’s nice to get your ‘maids a little something to say thank you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted – 11 great gifts for your bridesmaids!