You’re engaged and you couldn’t be more over the moon, but now you have to plan one of the biggest days of your life but first there’s certain traditions you need to throw out the window, pronto! Samantha Merritt reveals ALL…

Groom can’t see the bride

If you want to see your hubby-to-be, then see him! The myth that it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the big day is getting old, if you’ve been planning your special day together then odds are you’re going to need to see him before the vows happen. Colm and Sara's Wedding (589)

Bridesmaids can’t wear white

Traditionally bridesmaids wearing white would be a big no-no, but the modern bride is now looking at the ‘normally just for the bride’ colour for her best girls, too. Perfect for a vintage, glamorous, rustic or boho wedding, this bright and beautiful colour will make your bridal party stand out from the crowd even more!

You have to have a cake!

Psst, we’ve got a secret – not everyone likes cake! If you and your partner aren’t fans of the tiered tradition or you just don’t particularly have a sweet tooth, then why have a cake? It’ll save you time and money, plus your guests will probably just be happy with a dessert, anyway. But, if you just can’t imagine your big day without something to cut then a cheesecake will do the trick, or even cupcakes, which you could then hand out as favours at the end. Win win.  2012-06-03 00339

If they’ve invited you, you have to invite them

You didn’t even want to go to your hubby to be’s cousin’s wedding anyway, so why are you inviting them to yours? Inviting only a select number of guests will obviously keep your big day costs down and it also means you’re not looking back at photographs in ten years time wondering who on earth all these people are.

You have to wear a veil

While it’s pretty common to wear a veil on your wedding day, it’s not necessary! There’s so much choice for brides now: tiaras, flower crowns and headbands being the three main options – it also gives you a bit more fun with your headwear, the perfect time to add some colour or bling to your wedding day outfit!  Allie & Barry Wedding 035

Your parents will pay for everything

Gone are the days where you can get everything for your wedding from the bank of mum and dad, instead, it’s pretty much a fact you’re going to be dipping into your savings and spending the amount you would on a deposit for a house to make your big day great. Michelle-Simon-206

Bride’s can’t give a speech

If you’re confident enough to talk to a room full of people, and want to tell them all how much you appreciate them being there then it’s time to start writing that Oscar-worthy speech! Keep it short, snappy and mention all the people you really want to thank, and a glass of champagne in your hand as your reading it always helps, too.


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