Wedding Ideas has teamed up with Notorius Kids to bring you seven easy entertainment ideas for your youngest guests, no matter what your wedding venue…

Interactive entertainment

It’s always a great idea to have a separate room for entertaining children. Bring in the professionals who will keep them engaged with activities like crafts, storytelling and fun games.

Movie room

When the evening party is starting but it’s still too early for the little ones to go to bed, set up a movie room with a ‘midnight feast’ (just not at midnight!). Get the kids into their pyjamas and create a cosy area with lots of cushions and you’ll be sure not to hear a peep from them until bedtime.

Funny faces

A face painter is a great way to keep the children entertained. They can be set up in the corner discreetly and you can give the children a number to avoid them waiting in line. This is a fun activity which is suitable for every wedding venue from country houses to marquees.

Mini disco

Children love to dance, so how about a mini disco set up with an entertainer playing fun dancing games? You can get props and prizes involved and even judge a dance competition. Maybe the winner could have a dance with the bride?

Activity packs

Colouring or sticker books and puzzles will go down a treat. You could even include a drawing competition, such as a ‘bride and groom portrait competition’ with prizes!

Little helpers

Your youngest guests will look super sweet acting as mini ushers, welcoming the other guests and giving out orders of service. Or maybe you can give them the responsibility of scattering the confetti?

Craft table

Choose crafts that will take them a while, such as T-shirt decorating or treasure box making. Make sure you have responsible adults to oversee the activities, especially if there are scissors involved!

There are loads of great ways to keep kids entertained on your big day, these are just a few of our favourites, and are so easily organised at any venue! Now for the grown-ups’ entertainment