A vintage wedding theme opens up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to decorations. Having something personal and unique from your own family history is a fantastic way to start but not always available to everyone. Here are just 7 super vintage-inspired details from Wedding Mall to get your theme off to a flying start…


Lace decorations

Classic white lace decorations and accessories lend an instantly vintage look to any celebration. Their intricate details and purity of colour really echo everything about a vintage wedding. This look will also look timeless in your wedding photographs.


Classic pearls

Transport your guests back to the 1920s era with classic strings of pearls draped elegantly over your table centres. Whether you are looking for a pearl garland or just a pack to scatter over your tables, pearls really do add that classic timeless feel. The off-white colour is also subtle and looks great mixed with ivories and whites as part of the wider theme.

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Rustic signs

Lead your guests around your venue with these great rustic wooden signs – a fun and stylish way to direct friends and family and perfect for any vintage wedding theme with a rustic, festival feel. We have a range of messages, including some that would work well afterwards in your newlywed home.


Vintage jugs

Imagine these gorgeous vintage-style jugs overflowing with handpicked flowers, proudly lining your reception tables. Their great floral patterns and worn look give the feeling of a treasured jug which has been kept in the family for many years. If you’re going to DIY your wedding flowers, this would be the perfect way to finish them off.


Elegant birdcages

Whether filled with flowers or the understated simplicity of a few butterflies, the classic shape of a metal birdcage truly epitomises the vintage theme. They come in different shapes, sizes and designs which makes them perfect as wedding centrepieces. This birdcage silhouette could inspire your whole theme – why not use it on your stationery, too?


Storage jars

These beautiful vintage style storage jars are a great addition to any wedding. Perfect for holding candy or numerous other trinkets, they have multiple uses. We love them for storing favours and sweets for the little ones. Choose pastel-coloured treats to complement your vintage theme.


Stately candelabra

Nothing quite encapsulates the setting of an early 20th century stately home than a bold metal candelabra. Their traditional design boasts a large head area which can be decorated with an array of flowers or pearls as shown here, that present a real feeling of grandeur and luxury.

To find the perfect vintage dress to complement this theme, check out these luxurious lace designs now. Are you planning a vintage theme but stuck for decoration ideas? Come and ask the team in the Wedding Ideas Forum – we’re ready to help!