Whether you want to banish big day breakouts or simply need a radiance boost, skincare expert Emily Berryman sorts through the hottest bridal beauty gadgets set to transform your regime…

Best for zapping spots

Lustre Pure Light, £225, www.boots.com
The stress of planning a wedding can wreak havoc with acne-prone complexions, but thankfully this great little gizmo works like a DIY dermatologist! Using the same safe, targeted blue-light technology skin doctors have been using for years to destroy the bacteria behind spots. It’s hands-free too, so you can get on with writing those invitations.


Best for a deep cleanse

Magnitone Lucid, £69.99, www.lookfantastic.com
This daily cleansing and exfoliating brush promises smoother, brighter skin in just seven days – and it didn’t let our tester down! Just the thing for de-clogging grubby pores before hitting the aisle, skin is left feeling back-from-the-spa fresh and can even be used on sensitive skins.


Best for fine lines and sagging

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CACI Microlift, £350, www.boots.com
The red carpet skin secret of countless celebs, micro-currents are used to re-train lazy muscles, lifting sagging skin and plumping out fine lines like a mini face lift at home. Admittedly it does come with an eye-watering price-tag, but if it works for Linda Evangelista and Millie Mackintosh, who are we to argue?


Best for a mega-watt smile

Philips Sonicare Healthy White Toothbrush, £110, www.boots.com
Trading your manual toothbrush for a whizzy electric one is the easiest way to brighten your smile – and this brilliant buy (which brushes a whopping 31,000 strokes a minute!) has a special setting to polish your nashers two shades lighter in just two weeks! Definitely less ouchy than a course of harsh whitening treatments.


Best for de-fuzzing

Braun Silk Epil 7 Bonus Edition, £159.99, www.boots.com
We all know that epilating can keep us hair-free for weeks – but up until now it hurt like hell! Thankfully, for all fellow wusses, this nifty device can be used in the bath, which – along with a large glass of Pino – made for a completely eek-free experience. The bonus edition also includes a fab facial cleansing brush, making a great all-round gift to self!


Best for beautiful nails

Sensationail Gel Starter Kit, £69.99, www.sensationail.co.uk
If saving for W-day has compromised your mani habit – this talon-tastic kit, complete with its own LED lamp, contains everything you need to achieve salon-standard gel manicures and pedicures at home. We also love the fact there is no dry time…Because what bride has time for that?


Best for a radiance boost

PMD: Personal Microderm, £150, www.currentbody.com
Using the same crystal exfoliation and deep vacuuming action as salon microdermabrasion, PMD is causing a major buzz with beauty editors and bloggers alike thanks to its amazing radiance-boosting powers. Just the thing to wake up lacklustre complexions – a bride’s skin is meant to look glowing not grey.


What’s your best bridal beauty tip? Let us know! Sorted your hairstyle for the big day? We’ve got hundreds of aisle-worthy ‘dos right here.