Gone are the days of the traditional toaster! These days the emphasis, when it comes to wedding gifts, is the beautifully bespoke. Anything goes – a personalised thank you gift for a bridesmaid, for a mother or mother-in-law, a sister, father or for the couple themselves. Just as long as it’s heartfelt.

Joanna Miller of Bespoke Verse says the trend for gifts with an emotional bend are swiftly becoming the norm, within the wedding world, and every day.

She says: “People are increasingly opting to tailor gifts to the individual or couple, particularly when it comes to weddings.

A poem print fits the bill perfectly. “We see a lot of our poem prints being given to bridesmaids as a thank you from the bride, for example. We can personalise them so they are tailored specifically to the recipient. We get a lot of positive feedback from maids and parents of the bride or groom, all thrilled with this personal touch.

Joanna’s pick of the 7 best, and most popular wedding prints are…

‘What is Marriage?’

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A typographic print that’s great as a unique gift for the newlyweds. It’s witty and warm and explores the real and romantic sides of marriage. It can be personalised with the name and date of the big day printed underneath, and is available in five colours. www.bespokeverse.co.uk/shop/marriage-poem-print

7-best-wedding-prints-bespoke-verse-what is a marriage personalised poem print

Bespoke Your Special Words Framed Print

A beautifully framed print of your favourite words – it could be a poem, a book extract, or maybe something you’ve written yourself! Personalise with a message for the recipient underneath. www.bespokeverse.co.uk/shop/bespoke-your-special-words-framed-print-3

7-best-wedding-prints-bespoke-verse-BESPOKEVERSE 27JUNE2014 - 49

‘A Letter to Dad’

A moving, heartfelt poem that’s a perfect gift from a bride to her father before he gives her away (or after, if she wants to avoid potential waterworks!). This rhyming letter of thanks (and apology!), sums up everything you’ll want to tell dad on the morning of your wedding. www.bespokeverse.co.uk/shop/a-letter-to-dad-poem-print


Vintage-style ‘Mum’ print

She’s always there. She’s your rock, your defender, she’s… mum! Mothers of the bride will love this moving poem, which can be personalised with ‘All my love from…’ at the end. Unfortunately, it does not come with waterproof mascara! www.bespokeverse.co.uk/shop/mum-poem-print-vintage-style-2

7-best-wedding-prints-bespoke-verse-My Mum personalised poem print

‘The Best Friend Advert’

If you want to show your bridesmaids you love them, this poem sums up everything that’s good about friendship. It comes in the form of a job advert for the role of best friend – skills, salary, hours and bonus all described! www.bespokeverse.co.uk/shop/best-friend-advert-poem-print

7-best-wedding-prints-bespoke-verse-BESPOKE VERSE-5MARCH2014-68

Bespoke Framed Wedding Poem Print

A 26-line poem commissioned by you – it’s a truly unique wedding gift for a bride, groom or bridesmaid. Give it as a gift or have it read as a speech. It’s heartfelt and sure to be cherished. www.bespokeverse.co.uk/shop/bespoke-framed-wedding-poem-print-2

7-best-wedding-prints-bespoke-verse-BESPOKEVERSE 27JUNE2014 - 45

‘My Saint’

The ideal gift for a romantic hubby to his soon-to-be wife, or as a wedding reading that will amuse your guests, this funny and touching poem is about those patient and understanding partners who put up with us and are always there for us. They are saints! www.bespokeverse.co.uk/shop/my-saint-love-poem-print


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