It appears that the 50 Shades Of Grey phenomenon is showing no signs of slowing down…

Body-sculpting photography studio For Your Eyes Only have recorded a staggering increase of female customers booking sexy photo shoots, most of which are in their 40s and upwards.


Southern women have been the quickest to embrace this sexual revolution, with High Wycombe being one of the most popular of For Your Eyes Only’s three UK locations. Meanwhile, men in Manchester are the most willing to discover their adventurous side, with the Manchester studio recording more male bookings than anywhere else in the country.

“In the last year, our clientele has totally changed with more and more women booking couples shoots and a vast number of over 40s booking with us, too,” says For Your Eyes Only founder Alexandra Burns. “The stats seem to suggest that the 40 plus generations are the most comfortable in their own skins, and have relationships, which welcome this kind of excitement.”

How do you feel about boudoir photo shoots?


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