Lighting is so special and important at your wedding. It can be used to instantly create a romantic or party atmosphere. So we asked the experts at Carousel Lights how to wow your guests with their latest designs, and here’s what they had to say…


The perfect backdrop

The Waltzer style of light, strongly rooted in the 1920s when the first Waltzer ride was invented, is an extremely high-impact light that can be used to jaw-dropping effect.

There’s space inside the heart to place a menu or top table plan, or the light can be used as a backdrop for photographs or the band. The red on the light is the exact same red as used on the original ride and the wings give an emphatic nod to Art Deco. A must for any rock ‘n’ roll fan.


It’s all about me!

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Spelling out your initials, such as K&S, in lights makes a really big impact and would look stunning on the top table. The Meteorite style of light is ideal for this and they use real fairground bulbs to authentically root them in history. Once the big day’s over these lights look great in your home, perhaps on the kitchen sideboard or used as bedside lights.


Go bright and beautiful

If neon’s more your thing then the Dodgem style will be right up your street. Perhaps you wear your heart on your sleeve (who doesn’t on their wedding day?!) and I LOVE YOU hanging behind the top table is right up your street. Carousel Lights can even replicate your own handwriting in neon. This makes a perfect keepsake of the big day, too.


Light up the outside

Another great way to wow your guests, whether you’re having a winter or summer wedding, is to place lights in a visible location outside. It could be in a tree visible through the window where guests see the lights. The Helter Skelter style is perfect for Champagne receptions, as the rusty vintage appearance that mirrors the original lighthouse inspiration for the ride looks like they’ve stood the test of time. Helter Skelter lights are ideal for any vintage-style weddings.


Do it your way!

Carousel Lights are able to produce anything (within reason!). Whether it’s mixing neon and fairground bulbs or swopping steel for wood, it all comes down to your imagination . They can even do a Carousel Lights job on things that you already own, such as this old enamel Belgian street sign, which can now be used to point your guests to the dancefloor!


Illuminated love

Spelling out words that signify your day such as LOVE or MR&MRS is really eye-catching and the Satellite style of light is a timeless look that would be perfect for this use. It uses traditional bulbs and a sleek brushed stainless steel base. These also look great in your home after the big day.

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