We all want our eyes to stand out and ‘sparkle’ on our wedding day – remember those wedding photos will last forever!

That’s why we’ve asked top bridal make-up artist Rachael Karen to give us her top six ways to make your eyes stand out in your wedding pictures.

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Eye drop secrets

Eye drops are always a good way to emphasize the whites of your eyes and really brighten them up for your big day. Use these before applying your make-up for an added soothing affect. A favorite of mine are the Optrex Eye Brightening Drops.

White eyeliner

I’m sure everyone has heard of using white eyeliner in the waterline to open up your eyes, well this trick does really work! It instantly will make your eyes appear bigger and more awake. If you want a less ‘traditional’ bridal look then try a flesh coloured liner for a subtle effect.

Sculpted eyebrows

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Believe it or not, well-shaped eyebrows really do give the eyes more definition. A great new brow product on the market is the Tom Ford Brow Sculpt, which is a cleverly shaped, angled pencil one end, with a brow brush on the other. It is important for your brows to look natural yet defined on your wedding day, be careful not to use a colour that is darker than your natural brows, and try not to alter the shape too much either.

Eye contouring

Contouring is not only for our cheekbones! It is also a great way to shape our eyes and make them appear bigger. Try blending a matte darker shadow into the socket line of your eyelids, and blend this really well to avoid any harsh lines. A great tip is to look straight ahead into the mirror whilst doing this, use small circular motions and don’t apply too much pressure with your brush.

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Fab falsies

False lashes can be as natural or dramatic as you like. They are the perfect way to thicken your natural lashes and add definition to your lash line. There are some very natural strip lashes by Ardell that work really well for bridal make-up. Make sure you cut the lashes to the size of your lid first, most strip lashes can be too long. A great tip for applying false lashes is to use a handheld mirror and look down into it, this will make it easier for you to almost drop the lashes into place!

Classic eyeliner

A small amount of eyeliner on the bottom lashes is just what you need to really open up the eyes. This doesn’t have to be thick or dramatic, and a good tip is to blend it well with the eye shadow you used in the socket line. You also should only take this three quarters of the way along the lash line or you could end up making your eyes look smaller!

If you’re looking for more amazing ways to look fab in your photos, check out our Wedding Beauty section for more ideas.