Want your bridesmaids to be all smiles for the camera on the big day? Stick to these top dress tips from Alexia Designs and you won’t go far wrong…

Choose the right photographer

It’ll be up to you to choose the wedding photographer so try to find one that puts you immediately at ease. Making friends with your photographer is crucial before the big day so you look happy and feel comfortable in front of them. If you bond with them, chances are your girls will too and you will get some great results.


Think about colours

Not every shade suits every skin tone so you need to think carefully about what is going to work with your bridesmaids. More vibrant colours, like lemon and orange, usually work best with brunettes and darker skin, while subtle pastel shades of pink or lilac complement all tones.


Consider their body shapes

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Consider the body types of all your bridesmaids before choosing their dresses. And remember matchy-matchy doesn’t always work. You can mix up different necklines or colours to make every girl feel confident but we would recommend choosing just one length.


Dress for the season

Floaty chiffon knee-length dresses in the middle of winter are a no-go. And low-cut, short, sassy designs won’t work in church. Think about the season and the setting of your wedding and choose dresses that complement both to keep your girls on side.


Keep it simple

Choose a design that is as simple as possible – no fussy frills or difficult-to-tie necklines. Fuss-free dresses equal happy bridesmaids. You can always add accessories to a design but it’s harder to take things away.

Ask their opinion

Give your bridesmaids the chance to have their say about the dresses they’ll be wearing – especially if you’re asking them to pay for the outfits themselves. But always keep in mind that it’s your day and then final decision has to be yours. Don’t be led by what other people want.

Do you know exactly what your girls should be doing for you on the big day? See our list of duties here. Why not use our free downloadable tools to make planning your wedding super easy?