With so many wedding stationery designs to choose from, it can be hard to make your wedding invitations stand out from the crowd – but don’t panic! We’ve got wedding stationery experts, Ivy Ellen to help you.

Whether you are a bold and bright bride or more of a classic and elegant type, there is a statement style out there for you. Below are just six ways in which you can liven up your invitations to make a statement to your guests

Belly bands

Belly band wedding invitations make a subtle yet fun impact on a simple wedding invitation. Great for holding extra information inserts and RSVP cards, the band is not only practical but looks great too. With a variety of postcard styles and interchangeable ribbon choice, the belly band is sure to make a lasting statement.

ivy-ellen-statement-stationery-Agnes Belly Band Wedding Invitation from 1.95 www.ivyellen.com



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Foiling is a fantastic print finishing technique. By heating and melting foil colours onto invitations, you gain a luxurious metallic finish which is sure to make a statement. You can have almost any single colour design on your foiled wedding invitations, from your initials, to names and dates, quotes or motifs, all in a choice of metallic gloss colours.

ivy-ellen-statement-stationery-Custom Lavinia Foiled Wedding Invitation www.ivyellen.com



Here at Ivy Ellen, we use a range of 19 authentic Swarovski crystals ranging from Jet Black to Light Rose to create a subtle impact on your invitation or a bold statement look. Our Aurore Boreale crystal reflects the light and bounces off surrounding colours creating a stunning Aurore Borealis shimmer effect. Crystals also work well on items like place cards, giving them a touch of luxury and tying them in with your invitations.

ivy-ellen-statement-stationery-Elegance Wedding Invitation in Pale Violet from 5.60 www.ivyellen.com


Laser cut

Laser cut designs are going from strength to strength and we are definitely seeing a resurgence in this technique that first swept through the industry a few years ago. Laser cut invitations have the ability to be both beautifully intricate and strikingly simple at the same time, which is appealing for so many brides. Ivy Ellen offer 3 different laser cut designs on a range of 6 board colours.

Bold prints and colours

With so many brides choosing bright and bold wedding colour themes, one great way to make a statement with your stationery is to accent those colours. Many invitations are available in a large variety of colours and can be co-ordinated exactly to your scheme. You could also have a simple white/ivory invitation and accent this with coloured jewels, ribbons and/or text. Ivy Ellen offer a choice of 192 different colours to be sure you find the right shade for your look. If one bold colour isn’t enough, why not try a colour pop theme using a palette of bright colours to give a vibrant and modern look?

ivy-ellen-statement-stationery-Fade Belly Band Wedding Invitation from 1.95 www.ivyellen.com



One of the best ways to make a statement about your wedding through your stationery is by using photographic designs. By choosing an image that reflects you as a couple, your invitations can become truly personal. This look also works well for stunning wedding venues or weddings abroad. Your chosen image can also be used across the whole range of items including thank you cards – we love the idea of using a picture of you and your partner on the wedding day!

ivy-ellen-statement-stationery-Flare Wedding Invitation from 1.50 www.ivyellen.com


If you’re loving Ivy Ellen stationery as much as we are, you’re going to want to head to their website right here. But make sure you don’t make these mistakes with your wedding stationery!