Your engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime but like all good things, it needs a little maintenance to keep it looking super sparkly at all times. Luckily, we have diamond ring expert Vashi Dominguez from to clue us in on some valuable care tips…

Like a good marriage, engagement rings are made of strong stuff. Diamonds and precious metals are difficult to ruin, but to keep them in tip top condition, they require regular care. It’s important to keep your diamond engagement ring clean. Not only from an aesthetic or hygienic perspective, but because diamond jewellery is an investment and needs protecting to hold its value. So how do you make sure your sparkler stays stunning for years to come?

Handle with care

Not many people know that you should always pick up engagement rings by their band and never by the diamond. When you touch your ring, natural oils from your hands can build up around the stone’s setting, which is trickier to clean. It can also loosen the setting – picking up your ring by the band will keep it secure for years to come.

Savvy storage

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While it’s pretty difficult to chip a diamond, it’s not impossible, particularly if it is knocked against other diamond jewellery and all precious gemstones should be stored safely when not in use. Depending on the value of the ring, you might want to consider a safe. In any case, it’s best to keep it clear of other jewellery and in a soft container or pouch to avoid your ring, and other items, from being scratched or damaged.

Day-to-day use

Using your hands all day can result in a build up of dirt and small-particle debris on your ring and especially around the setting. Remove your ring before you shower, apply make up or creams or prepare food to keep it gleaming for longer.

Avoid chemicals

While dirt can be cleaned, some everyday household chemicals can do real damage to your ring. Cleaning products, hairspray, furniture products, bleach and hair dye are among the most common culprits for engagement ring damage. Remove your ring, wear gloves and make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before putting your jewellery back on.

Hit the vodka!

A shot of vodka can make everything better – for your ring, that is! Soak a dirty ring in a glass of vodka, rinse it under a warm tap and rub it dry with a lint-free cloth to give it back its special shine. If you’re not a fan of hard spirits, soak the ring in a solution, four parts warm water and one part household ammonia for no more than ten minutes. Brush the ring very gently with a child’s toothbrush, dip it back into the mixture, rinse in cool or lukewarm water and leave it to drain on a lint-free cloth or towel.  Avoid using paper as tissues can leave fibres and dust on the ring. If you have sensitive skin, a mild liquid detergent can also yield great results, just leave your ring to soak for half an hour.

Expert check up

Diamond settings may loosen over time resulting in loss of your stone. Take your diamond ring to an expert for regular wear-and-tear check ups (and a quick clean while you’re there).
If you follow these tips, your diamond engagement ring should look incredible for years to come. If in doubt ask an expert.’s customer service team will be happy to advise you on the best way to look after your jewellery, and also offer a complimentary cleaning and expert check-up service for life.

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