Whether your winter wedding needs a lift, or you want to reflect the glorious hues of your high summer wedding, don’t be afraid to introduce a bit of colour into your big day.

Decoration specialists The Contemporary Home give you several easy-to-follow steps that will give your wedding day a big splash of colour.


Colourful vases

Your wedding flowers are key to creating a colourful atmosphere! If you’ve gone for pastel shades but want something with more depth, add a variety of coloured vases to your table and you’ll have an instant splash of brightness.

Let there be light!

When it comes to candles and lanterns, an eclectic mix of colours and shapes will add some magic to your reception. They will look great against either a white cloth or something a bit more funky. Don’t use night light holders just for candles – they can double up as fantastic mini vases, too.

Bollywood brights

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You might not want to do a full-on Indian-style wedding but there are a lot of great ideas to steal from a bright and beautiful Bollywood theme.

Try using a central table runner of brilliant pink silk or hang long panels of muslin from the ceiling to the floor. You can then decorate the back of each chair with a posy of bright flowers.


Colour the sky

Why not keep your wedding tableware white but adorn your venue ceiling with bunting and rainbow-coloured pom poms? Your guests will feel like they are walking into a fairytale kingdom and the colour will look striking against the simplicity of the white tablecloths.

Dreamy DIY

The homemade theme is an ideal way to bring a personal feel to your big day.

If you’re a dab hand with the sewing machine, then make eclectic table mats of gingham or lavender-filled hearts to decorate the table yourself.

Top tableware

Lastly, and by no means least, is the top table! This is where you can really add a dramatic flourish or go the whole hog. From brightly patterned cloths to mix ‘n’ match cutlery, anything goes on the top table!