Your big day is looming, and the nerves are starting to kick in. Are you going to lose sleep? Get a sudden acne breakout? Fall over and sprain your ankle? Stop right there: it’s time to de-stress. Your wedding is meant to be a happy time, so ditch the negative thoughts and focus on what really matters!

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Put it into perspective

A wedding day can feel all-consuming, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, put it into perspective. It is just ONE day. Yes, an important day, but one day nonetheless. You’ve planned everything down to a ‘T’ – it is very unlikely that anything will go wrong. Your family and friends are all there to help you, so share your burdens with them and focus on you.

Stay hydrated

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Stress is not helped when your body and mind are lagging. Keep topped up on water in the lead up to the wedding (your skin will thank you for it, too.) Keep a sports bottle with you so you can sip it throughout the day at work or when you’re out and about. If you don’t fancy water, what about a fruit smoothie?

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Do other things

Try and focus your mind on other things before the big day, otherwise, you’ll feel bogged down by it all. Try going out with friends, walking the dog, get into a novel, go out to dinner and spend some time with your parents. It is important to maintain your mental health. This could mean improving your physical health too. You’ll not want to change your weight drastically because you will want your wedding dress to fit still (!) but completing some physical activity is very good for you and will help decrease you stress levels. For instance, committing to 150 minutes of fitness each week like walking can have an incredible impact on your brain, increasing the “hypocampus,” which improves verbal memory, learning and can help maintain emotions.

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Write everything down

Whether this involves your thoughts into a diary, or your to-do list onto a post-it, writing things down can help clear your mind and reduce stress. You’ll find that when planning a wedding, you may have a few niggling thoughts that prey on your mind at night, stopping you from sleeping. If that’s the case, get up, write them down, and deal with them tomorrow. It will help clear your mind so you can sleep.


Talking of sleep, make sure you get enough. NHS guidelines state that adults need around 8 hours’ sleep a night, but you may find that before your wedding, you don’t get this much. If so, try an afternoon nap on a weekend to help top you up on some much needed zzz’s. Switch off your phone and don’t watch TV in bed, or you’ll adopt a bad sleep environment which affects your much needed sleep time.

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Your wedding is an exciting, memorable and positive time, so enjoy the lead up. Try and remember how you felt when you first got engaged, and harbour this energy moving forward. Stress is inevitable, but if you can manage it without any bridezilla moments, you’ll find that things go much more smoothly and you will savour the moment and actually enjoy it!