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Angela Ashman, wedding events manager at Swynford Manor in Newmarket, having managed over 200 wonderful weddings shares expert tips on how to make the most of your wedding, whatever the time of year!




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Whichever month you choose to have your wedding, there are always benefits but equally, potential problems when it comes to planning the big day. Before you name the date, you should consider the issue of seasonality against your shortlist of venues, so that you can anticipate and tackle any possible problems beforehand, as well as making the most of the time of year.



In autumn, nature provides beautiful colouring as a backdrop for the most stunning wedding photos. Foliage in the grounds at Swynford Manor in autumn turns into a colourful collage of both dark and bright red, golden brown and dark green.


Most brides dream of a winter wedding, surrounded by soft, newly fallen snow. When this happens, it does indeed lend a unique magical quality to the wedding day. Unfortunately, there are other, more practical factors to consider such as venue accessibility. Very rural or remote locations may well be romantic, but spare a thought for your guests who are unlikely to relish the idea of battling the elements to drive across snowy moors or across hills; keeping their fingers crossed that they and their car arrive at your wedding in one piece. If there is a chance that the winter weather could affect your plans, it’s always best to choose a venue which is accessible from a main road.


Spring weddings are of course always popular, with trees and flowers bursting into life. This time of year has the added benefit of protecting everyone from the worst of the cold in winter and the heat in summer. The biggest threat will undoubtedly be the possibility of rain, so ensure that your wedding venue offers a wide variety of backdrops inside, for the wedding photography. One of the most popular locations at Swynford Manor for example, is our galleried landing and sweeping staircase, which is ideal for group photos.



Summer warmth can be ideal for weddings, ensuring that you and your guests can wear the lightest, most flattering of outfits without fear of freezing to death. It is essential however, that a good air flow can circulate around the main rooms, to maintain a comfortable temperature. Your venue should have the ability to open up doors into the garden or onto the terrace, allowing guests to mingle both inside and outside.


If you have a favourite flower or you’re aiming for a particular colour scheme, then discuss your ideas first with your florist, who will be able to advise you on any issues regarding both availability and seasonality.

Peak holidays

Finally, planning a wedding during key times of year such as school summer holidays, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, adds to the fun and excitement of the event. Be aware however, that a number of your guests are likely to have already made prior arrangements or have could otherwise have family commitments, which could leave you disappointed. Your family and friends will of course be delighted to join in with your big day, but it’s worth also considering their needs too, from the outset.




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