6 Times Being A Bride Isn’t Easy

So you’ve bagged a hunk and a sparkly ring, and being a bride is the best thing ever but it doesn’t mean it’s not hard work. There’s a whole ton of stress, drama and tears that come with it!

6 Times Being A Bride Isn't Easy

Married friend syndrome

When your recently-married friend is a self-proclaimed wedding expert and knows EVERYTHING there is to know. “You need this… You need that” – just because she’s planned her own wedding! Believe it or not, you want a unique wedding day not a replica of theirs. Try to keep others opinions to a minimum by not opening the elements of your day up for discussion.

You’re marrying a groomzilla

Your groom-to-be switches off as soon you mention the wedding catering, or nods yes to everything just to get you off the subject. It’s seriously annoying when your O.H has no opinion on anything and it feels like you have to do all the hard work! Here are 8 small ways to get the groom involved with wedding planning.

6 Times Being A Bride Isn't Easy: Ravinder-Crone-Photographer

Your mum is TOO helpful

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Your mum just wants to help, and of course you appreciate that. But whether it’s writing the guest list, finding a wedding venue or what type of wedding flowers you choose, she just can’t stop offering advice on what ‘she would do’. For the super enthusiastic Mother of the bride, you may appreciate OUR guide to managing the endless opinions and without falling out with your mum!

The dreaded monster-in-law

So they do exist – we either have one, know one or we are one! Why does she need to wear an expensive white dress on the most important day of your life? Is she trying to upstage you?! Just make sure expectations or outfit preferences on YOUR big day are expressed early on in wedding planning to avoid any disappointment on both parts! Keep calm and discuss with them your plans in advance and everyone is happy! Just try not to say these things out of frustration…

Life before the wedding

Wait, what? You had a life before the wedding? Yes, yes you did. But you’re probably questioning what you did with all of your free time? I mean, what did you and your O.H even talk about before it was all weddings, weddings, weddings?! Here are six sure ways to stay calm and de-stress during!

The insignificant details

By this point you’re so exhausted from the wedding planning process that you’re no longer bothered about what colour the napkins are, or if your second cousin can bring a plus one. When it gets to this point – time to have a weekend off. Make sure you switch off from wedding planning mode for a couple of days every so often. Plan an inexpensive spontaneous weekend away or enter to win yourself a luxury break on our competitions page each month?!


It’s an emotional roller-coaster and you probably deserve an award. But don’t worry – it’ll be totally worth it and you’re going to marry the love of your life!