The moment he was down on one knee with the engagement ring in his hands, the wedding planning began. But don’t get too ahead of yourself – here are six things you’re doing wrong with your wedding planning…

Not accepting help from others

Often a sign of a bridezilla, not accepting help from others in the run-up to your wedding is not a good idea for two reasons. Number one) your stress levels will soar, and number two) you might not believe it, but people genuinely love to help out. Make the most of the skills of your friends and family – get the arty ones to help with the decoration, the music-lovers to help pick your entertainment, the groomsmen to pick the beers! 372

Saving the worst jobs till last

There are some not-so-fun tasks that wedding planning involves but just because doing the table plan and sorting the finances aren’t as enjoyable as dress shopping or cake tasting does not mean you should put them off. In fact, you should do the complete opposite to leaving them until the last-minute when you can’t help but get them sorted. Trust us, get them done quick and it will be a weight off your shoulders!  untitled-238

Bad dieting

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Some brides are looking to lose weight for their big day, but it’s important to keep it sensible and healthy when doing it. Exercise and a healthy diet is the best way to get the figure you want, and to keep the figure you want. Banning food from passing your lips is firstly not healthy, and secondly, unsustainable – you’ll be reaching for the biscuit tin in no time!  Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Charlotte-&-Alex-Warwick-House259

Taking the role of family counsellor

It’s not uncommon for there to be some family feuds that only are exaggerated when it comes to a wedding. Where do I put them on the seating plan? Will they be civil? Shall I just not invite them? With these dilemmas, brides tend take it upon themselves to try and resolve these issues themselves, but this will only add to the stress! This day is about you, so they should appreciate that.  Danielle & Jordan Colour-468

Overthinking everything

Something every bride can relate to is the constant thoughts of ‘is this really the right choice?’, ‘I’m not sure I like my dress as much as I did before’, and so on. Wedding planning most definitely brings out people’s indecisive side! But stick to your guns. Whatever decisions you make, your day will be perfect, and you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Being a non-stop bride

And finally, remember to TAKE A BREAK. Don’t bore your hubby-to-be, your friends (or just anyone that has ears) silly with constant wedding chat. Once in a while, step back from the wedding planner, step back from the wedding magazines and Pinterest board, and do other things that you’ll be able to do after the wedding too. Arranging a weekly date night with your h2b where wedding talk is completely banned is a great idea!  David and Rebecca-182

But hey, it’s not all bad! What about the amazing parts of wedding planning? We’ve even put together the most SPECIAL moments that every bride-to-be has in the run up to the big day!