You’ve picked out the most special girls in your life to be your bridesmaids for your big day, and here are a few things to never say to keep them as your bridesmaids until your big day…

My wedding this, my wedding that

First thing’s first, non-stop wedding chat is not something anyone wants to experience, especially not your right-hand ladies! There’s no doubt they’ll be super excited for you, super thrilled you’ve asked them to be one of your bridesmaids, and super happy to help out when they can. However, there is a line. Ignoring any conversation that doesn’t relate to you or your big day details? Yeah, you’re well into ‘bridezilla’ territory with that one. IMG_3065

You’re paying for me too, right?

When you’re there severely hinting – or even, demanding – a luxury hen party in some exotic location where the drinks will be flowing and you’ll be treated like you’re royalty, don’t just assume that your side of the bills are covered. We can already predict the look on your best girls’ faces when you turn the other way as the waiter is approaching your table after that divine three-course meal accompanied by champagne. And the rest!

Got your dress, where’s your cash?

The idea of the bride not paying for her bridesmaids’ outfits, or parts of the outfit is becoming more and more acceptable, but always make sure you involve your bridesmaids in the dress shopping experience! Think again if you feel it’s alright to go shopping, pick out a dress and expect them to hand over the cash without a word! Having a shopping trip with your bridesmaids not only means that you find out what they’re comfortable and happy with, but also is perfect for bonding time between you and your girls.

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I don’t want you to look nicer than me

Dressing your bridesmaids in ugly or unflattering outfits just to make yourself look better is a ridiculous, but not unheard of notion. Firstly, it’s your wedding day – you’re the one with the big, white dress, and you’re the one that everyone’s eyes will be on all day long. Secondly, do you really want your bridal party looking unhappy and frumpy? Think of the wedding photos! kat and brad spares-110

Cancel your plans, I’ve had an idea

One thing that all brides must understand is that, as excited everyone is for you, people won’t be able to drop anything as soon as a text from you comes through to their iPhone. Just because you’ve got that engagement ring on your finger and asked them to be your bridesmaids, does not mean that your best girls will devote their lives completely and utterly to you and your wedding day. Schedule ‘wedding’ days in advance to make sure they’re not busy! Jason and Laura Wedding-150

Um, when are you getting your hair done?

If something to do with your wedding doesn’t look the way you want it to, it’s okay to say something, right? Wrong. When it comes to how your bridesmaids look – haircuts, make-up choices, weight – you cannot afford to be rude or blunt, otherwise ‘bye bye bridesmaids!’.

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Well, these are the things not to say to keep your bridesmaids happy, but what do you have to make sure you do to keep them smiling? Don’t worry we’ve got 8 fool-proof ways!