Popping the question is a huge moment for any couple, and most of the time, it’s down to the proposer to get it just right. The pressure!

So what are those all-important things that go through every man’s mind before proposing?


Before speaking the official words of ‘Will you marry me’ to his loved one, there’s no doubt that his mind will be thinking ahead to a married future, picturing how it will actually be; him as an actual husband, and her as a wife. And if you don’t already have any little kiddies in the family, he’ll be picturing himself as a dad. Sounds pretty grown up, right?

Another thing that will inevitably enter his mind is what has to happen before becoming Mr and Mrs: the wedding! Envisioning himself at the top of the aisle as his soon-to-be fiancée walks towards him is a pretty big moment, and pretty powerful stuff when it comes to emotions – it may even help him think of what to say!

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The parents

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Even though asking the father of the bride for permission is more of a tradition than common practice these days, the parents of the bride would probably appreciate a little hint into the fact that this guy might be the one to marry their daughter. It’s good to bare the parents in mind, just a bit!

But then again, all men should know perfectly well that from the moment they meet the parents and onwards, it’s all about trying to impress. And there’s definitely no point in calming down on the ‘impressive’ factor when it comes to the proposal story, is there?


The ring

It’s common for couples to discuss the idea of getting married before popping the question, so the proposal doesn’t come as a total surprise. But maybe the ring shouldn’t come as a total surprise either? The ring is something she’ll wear for the rest of her life, remember!

Walking into a shop and choosing a diamond ring isn’t the easiest task for the typical man. You can most likely picture your significant other saying ‘A ring’s a ring, why does the cut matter so much?”, but any talk of getting married will change their mind (we hope).

Doing some digging into what kind of ring she may like to have on her finger after the proposal is something that will save men a lot of shopping time, and maybe even some nerves by the time it comes round to popping the question.

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The friends

Something that’s really important for men to consider when they’re planning to propose is who they tell. They might want to keep it to themselves, but some might want some help or advice of his friends or the bride’s friends – this is where he’s got to be picky! He’ll have to choose friends or family members that he knows will keep it on the hush hush, and stay well clear of blabber mouths!

The method

The next BIG question is HOW will he do it? This is where he’ll have to consider everything about his fiancée-to-be. Will she love a flash mob kinda proposal or is she the kind of girl that cringes at the thought of a dance and sing-along? Is there a memorable date in your relationship that would be significant? Or is there a location that means a lot to you both?

Any proposal should make sure that the only word that’s going around their head is ‘YES’! That means no sign of hesitation or an awkward face being pulled because of how he did it. A flash mob marriage proposal to someone who hates PDA could make her re-evaluate; public humiliation may temporarily conquer how much she wants to marry him. You’ve been warned!

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The words

At Wedding Ideas, we love to hear the proposal stories of all our real brides and Facebook brides, whether they’re done in a funny, casual, romantic, emotional, or just plain extravagant way!

The words ‘Will you marry me’ won’t necessarily naturally come into conversation – especially when the proposal is a total surprise, who knows how the conversation will go with an unsuspecting girlfriend! Whilst you can’t plan everything, he should consider different ways of saying it and practice! It will help the nerves when it comes to it!

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