Rustic wedding theme? Start here! Wedding stationery experts Ivy Ellen have just launched an exciting new collection based on the hand-painted and hand-stitched creations by artist Jo Corner – and they’re perfect for rustic weddings! Take a look…


Planning a country garden theme? Our Bunting wedding invitations would introduce your guests to this theme immediately, and give them a hint of what’s to come. Replicate the bunting theme throughout the rest of your stationery and bring it into real life with bunting at your wedding venue. Save 20% on bunting and wedding signs right now in the Wedding Ideas Shop!


Our cute Bunnies design has been an exceptionally popular choice among our real brides here at Ivy Ellen. This design is an ideal choice for a rustic themed wedding as the whimsical decorations highlight nature, but with a romantic twist.

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If you like these delicate hand-stitched designs, then you’ll love our Birdies invitation, which displays two established love birds, or our Hoot wedding invitation exhibiting two wise owls perched together on a branch. These three sewn designs are suitable for a vintage wedding theme as they are printed with a linen-effect background, which gives an elegant, old-fashioned effect.



Stitching is not the only craft that our designer Jo has introduced to make up these new, illustrated designs. She has also included designs inspired from hand-painted watercolour pictures. The Blossom design is a perfect example of where this technique has been used to create a realistic blossom tree, with the petals in full bloom. This watercolour effect makes the Blossom design a fitting style for a rustic wedding theme as the original crafted pictures are made with transparent paint, which allows the light to shine through. When this design is digitally printed this sunlight effect is replicated, offering your guests a hint of your spring or summer wedding in the months to come.

6-super-illustrated-wedding-invitations-for-a-rustic-wedding-theme-blossomIn the summer, you’ll want to make the most of the (hopefully) good weather, so why not plan an outdoor celebration? Over the cold and dreary winter months when your guests receive their wedding invitations the Felicity hand-drawn design is sure to lift their spirits! Our designer Jo manufactured these designs from hand, by using her skill and passion for watercolour painting and embroidery. These creations, inspired by nature, were scanned into the computer so that when they are digitally printed they produce the same authentic, crafted effect for your wedding invitations.


Want to get some free samples? Use code FS0414 at Ivy Ellen until 30th April 2014. Not sure what information you should be including in your wedding invitations? Start here…