From the moment he pops the question up until the big day itself, all brides experience a wide range of uncontrollable emotions and feelings, so we’ve done you the favour so you know what to expect: the 6 stages of wedding planning that you’ll relate to…


You’re engaged, you’ve got a pretty ring on your finger for it – let the wedding planning begin. Not only have you been planning your dream day since you were a little girl, but you’re bursting with new ideas. Your Pinterest has all the possible categories anyone could think of, and your wedding email address is filling up with replies to enquiries about everything from table centres to quotes for a horse and cart (oops).  michelle&jon-1008

Reality check

The moment it hits you that you need to sort out a budget. That horse and cart entrance, along with a lot of other bridal dreams of yours, come crashing down immediately. It’s the moment you realise that you’ve actually got to be sensible with your planning and your money, and prioritise, prioritise, prioritise. But where to start? First things first, round up the prettiest wedding planning notebook, stationery and colouring pens the shops can offer, (but with a reasonable price tag, obviously). &    spb-88

Organisation pro

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Now you’ve got the planning equipment, let’s get planning! You’ve made all the important decisions, you’ve perfected your time management, you’ve got set answers to all the inevitable questions you’ll be asked as a bride-to-be. Basically, you and your top organisational skills are in total control and nothing can get in the way of that. Absolutely nothing.


Oh wait, may have spoke too soon. Organising and memorizing absolutely every last detail of your big day is getting a little too much. The budget is creeping up and up, the wedding planner is bulking out with pages and cutouts, and the coloured pen system is getting a bit too complicated now. You’re having to consider things you didn’t even think existed, and it’s getting to a point where you’ve started to wish the wedding would just be over and done with… 2013TRP_Neal&Wendy_highres060


It’s the run up to the big day. Only a week to go and you’ve got to get those finishing touches sorted! Total excitement is getting your adrenaline pumping, and getting those DIY table decorations done quickly and efficiently. You’re on a ROLL! There’s no stopping any bride in the final countdown to W-day. Just seeing that dress hanging up in front of you makes you forget all the stress… Michelle-Simon-632

Pure happiness

No more planning, no more stressing, no more waiting. The day is officially here! You’re probably feeling a bit nervous about that walk up the aisle, but the excitement of getting married covers it completely. The celebrations will begin as soon as you wake up, and all that’s left to do is enjoy your special day with the love of your life! Eeee. DSC_6343

Just so you know what sort of thing to expect! And do you know what else to expect? We’ve got a few things that all brides discover whilst wedding planning, and no, they’re not all nice (sorry!).