Once again, we travel inside the mind of men to give you an insight and for your groom to relate to, from the moment of the proposal to the big day itself…


Even the bravest and most confident of men break a little sweat over the idea of actually proposing to the girl they love, thinking ‘What if she says no?’ or ‘What if I mess this moment up?’. Yes, it is a big moment, but at the end of the day you’re going to need to say it at some point – we doubt any woman minds a few stuttered words and clammy hands that much when it comes to the man she wants to marry!

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She said yes! You’ve overcome the nervousness and popped that special question – and she said YES. YES! Let the celebrations begin…

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Wait, what is this ‘Pinterest’ thing she’s doing on her laptop right now? Why has she just got a load of photographs of other people’s weddings? What theme is she even going for here? I can’t work it out. And she can’t be planning to wear ALL those different dresses, can she?


You’ve just got a glimpse of the to-do list and you’re struggling to pick your jaw off the floor… This whole wedding planning thing seems a bit excessive, doesn’t it? I mean, do we really need to do ALL that stuff? What even is a canapé? And what is the difference between a debossed wedding invitation and an embossed one? And then there’s the cost of it all…

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Okay, the wedding planning is well on its way and it’s going smoother than I thought it would. The fiancé has given me tasks where I actually understand the words! Next stop: asking my best mates if they’ll be my groomsmen, and to plan a day of getting suited and booted for the big day.

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Nervous mixed with excitement

The morning of the wedding. Whilst buttoning up your shirt and tying your tie, you’re just thinking of the moment that your bride walks down the aisle, and the rest of the day ahead. Get set and go – don’t leave her waiting!

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That’s inside the groom’s mind done, now for the bride. We’ve got the – slightly more hectic – stages of wedding planning that every bride can relate to, right here!