You know your wedding planning is taking over your life, and you need a break when these things start to happen…

Free time is planning time

Any free time you have is taken up by wedding planning or wedding errands. Sprinting out on your lunch break to get bunting or bridesmaids shoes instead of having an actual lunch break is not good bridal behaviour. Not only does it increase the likelihood of a grumpy and hungry bridezilla, but isn’t good for your wedding fitness plan. ClaireMark-140

Lack of magic

Excessive attention to wedding planning means your h2b will be ignored. Don’t let this happen, When you think it’s cooling off between the sheets, plan a date night – no phones or laptops or wedding planning notes allowed.   Charlotte & Rob__306

Hearing it first hand

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When your man starts handing out the ‘I can’t wait until this wedding is over so I don’t hear about it anymore’, you know you’re in too deep. Comments like this you can’t ignore, and getting him more involved will mean 1) mutual interest in the wedding, and 2) a less stressed bride-to-be.

Overthinking everything

So you’ve decided on your wedding dress. And chair covers. And favours. Or have you? Over-thinking things and constantly going back and re-evaluating things you’ve already bought is not a good idea. If this starts to happen, have a night free of wedding talk – or maybe a few nights – so your head can refresh, ready to start again.  EH-0289

Losing steam

When a to-do list becomes as long as your arm, you can end up doing nothing. When you lose steam, pick out the fun stuff on the list – shopping for your bridesmaid dresses, go to a cake tasting, or find a garter for yourself. A few ticked boxes, (and a few glasses of wine), will raise your motivation for the more nitty-gritty stuff!

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The wedding is becoming a chore

When wedding planning stops being fun and starts becoming a chore, it’s time to take stock. You’ve got to stop focusing on the negatives, and begin to look at how amazing it will be to get your dream day and marry your husband-to-be. Remember how excited you were when you first got engaged and roll from that! and 1872lucky-5370

No one wants a stressed out bride. Like we said, it should be fun! We’ve got lots of ways to help you de-stress, including our list of things to avoid when it comes to planning, and much more