What soundtrack do you imagine when you picture yourself walking down the aisle?

While booking daytime musicians might feel a little indulgent when planning your wedding music, ceremony songs are an essential element of every ceremony. Think about those all-important quieter moments… They occur as you walk down the aisle, sign the wedding register, and during your recessional as a happily married couple.

Even as the guests are being seated, playing some wedding music will create the atmosphere and anticipation you want. EntertainersWorldwide.com – a free entertainment directory specialising in a huge selection of entertainment for any event, including weddings – are here to help you choose the perfect live wedding music for your special day.

Don't skip choosing your ceremony songs when planning your wedding music! Live musicians will enhance the atmosphere and add to the magical feeling...

String quartets

If you would like to keep things traditional, why not hire a string quartet for your wedding music? Have them perform during your wedding ceremony for a truly magical start to your wedding day.

Comprising of two violins, a cello and a viola played together, string quartets create a whimsical and unique sound. If you are hosting your wedding in a church, your string quartet can perform stunning classical wedding songs from the likes of Pachelbel or Vivaldi – ever the favourites with brides and grooms.

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If you are a more modern bride who wants something a little different, many string quartets will also offer the choice of contemporary wedding songs, played in an instrumental manner. Whether you want Adele, Ed Sheeran or even a bit of Bob Marley, check your chosen string quartet will be able to perform them, then get booking!

Just make sure you follow these do’s and don’ts of choosing your ceremony music



For a warm and rich sound, look to a cellist to provide the wedding music. There is a huge choice when it comes to choosing an instrumentalist for your wedding ceremony. Hiring one musician is perfect if your wedding budget won’t quite stretch to a whole string quartet. They are often cheaper to book (depending on their experience, of course).

If you love the idea of deep, rich sounds, then a cellist will be the musician for you. You won’t need a huge amount of space to accommodate them in your ceremony room. They can also introduce some visual entertainment for your wedding guests before the ceremony begins. Watching a cellist perform is a simply magical experience. As with string quartets, cellists will often play a combination of classical or modern ceremony songs as you prefer, transforming them into truly beautiful sounds.


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The harp is the instrument of choice for a lot of wedding music. In fact, you’ve probably attended weddings of family and friends yourself that have been graced by a harp’s soft notes. Harpists will need a little more space than some other instrumentalists, but they are still perfect even for more intimate wedding venues thanks to their gentle music.

Long hailed as one of the most romantic of sounds, the harp is bound to win the hearts of both you and your guests. A harpist will pluck and strum at their harp strings to create an almost dreamlike sound that isn’t overpowering. If you want your wedding ceremony to ooze sophistication and class, hiring a harpist should be your first port of call.

Pianists or keyboardists

If you prefer the tinkling of piano keys to string instruments, then try hiring a pianist or keyboardist. You can be forgiven for thinking that doing so requires your wedding venue to have a piano on-site, although it couldn’t be further from the truth.

If your wedding venue does have a beautiful grand piano in your ceremony room, it makes perfect sense to use it. But, if you are hosting your wedding in a smaller venue, most pianists or keyboardists will supply their own instruments, including baby grand pianos.

Piano ceremony songs are very versatile and can offer a soothing and gentle sound or something more dramatic for a lively exit as you head back up the aisle. If you want to hear favoured wedding songs by the likes of Elton John or something more traditional by Beethoven, a pianist will fulfil your every wish.


Spanish or classical guitarists

Another fantastic choice for wedding ceremony entertainment are classical guitarists. They will create a romantic atmosphere as they softly thumb the strings. Offering a tender ambiance, a guitarist will usually perform with an acoustic guitar. The gentle strumming creates a beautiful sound.

Whether you want to hear traditional Spanish songs such as ‘Romance Anonimo’ or something a little more contemporary, your guests will enjoy the sound of a classical or Spanish guitarist during the quieter parts of your wedding ceremony. Have them stay through your drinks reception too for a seamless, sophisticated transition from ceremony to reception.


Opera singers

This one is for couples who want to surprise their guests with something different. Choosing your wedding ceremony music is a very personal choice and should reflect you both as a couple. If you want something memorable, moving and extraordinary, you could introduce an opera singer to your musical line up.

A professional opera singer’s powerful vocals are guaranteed to add that something extra. Plus, you will have a good range of music to choose from in their repertoire. Just imagine walking down the aisle with ‘Ave Maria’ or a classical aria from famous composers like Puccini or Mozart as ceremony songs.

Don’t be afraid to do something a little more daring when it comes to your big day. If you have a special song that you would like to have performed during your wedding ceremony, don’t hesitate to request it. Many performers will happily take requests at a small additional cost. Be aware that they will need time to perfect new ceremony songs when required, so get your requests in as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


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What ideas are you considering for your wedding music and ceremony songs?