Summer is the most popular time of year to get married and we can definitely see why; from the blue skies to the care-free feeling, it’s no wonder couples are choosing July as their number 1 month to wed.

If you’re contemplating a glorious summer wedding, you’ll definitely be persuaded after reading this…

Wonderful weather

Despite the unpredictable English weather, it’s more likely to stay dry on your wedding day during the summer months. Having a rainy wedding day is one of a bride’s biggest fears, and having a summer wedding means you’ll lower the risk of panic-inducing showers and windy gales.

Sun and warmth also puts people in a better mood in generally and naturally makes people happier – especially the bride if she doesn’t have to worry about unplanned weather disruptions! Stephen & Emily 335

Picture-perfect photography

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If the weather is bright and sunny, your photographs are going to look even more beautiful. Your album will be filled with a hazy summer glow and you’ll have stunning sunny scenery to look back at. Make sure you book your photographer well in advance as they will get booked up in a flash during the summer months!

Outdoor wedding

If you’ve always wanted a rustic outdoor wedding or a fête-themed celebration July is the perfect time for this theme. You can happily take advantage of the sun, scenery and blue skies without worrying about bad weather – why not entertain your guests with garden games such as croquet.

As the days are longer it also means you’ll have more time to party and continue the celebration! Unfortunately, unplanned rain is always a risk, so make sure you have a rainy-weather back-up plan so you’re prepared and can avoid any disappointment!  this-modern-love-Vic-Rich091

Wedding attire

The great thing about getting married in July and the fabulous weather that comes with it means you can be flexible in what you wear. If you fancy wearing a short 50s style wedding dress the warm weather means you can pull this off without getting chilly. If you’re having a relaxed summer celebration your hubby-to-be can wear a light shirt and no jacket.

Flower power

You’re likely to have more of a choice when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers. Many flowers don’t bloom during the winter months and July is prime-time for beautiful flowers.

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Schools out for summer

July is the start of the summer holidays and if you have a large family who have children or are teachers, it is the perfect time to ensure people are able to attend your wedding – especially if it’s during the week day.

It can also be easier for your guests to take time off during the summer months too – send your save-the-dates out well in advance so it doesn’t clash with people’s summer holidays. Plus, people won’t be as worried about spending money as they would be during the winter months as Christmas is months away!

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