Why not relive one of the most romantic love stories of all by getting married in Italy, just like Romeo and Juliet? Maybe don’t stick to the whole script but take heed from the romance and passion.

6 reasons to get married in Italy
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6 Reasons to get Married in Italy

It’s Romeo and Juliet who define romantic love. The young passionate lovers against the backdrop of the lush Italian landscape. The timeless architecture, and lavish furnishings in the Capulet home all seemed to epitomise the excitement and romance of first love.

6 Reasons to get Married in Italy annette and Roland tuscan

Fortunately for us romantics, the Renaissance lives on in Italy or, most specifically,  Tuscany. Where the buildings have aged gracefully and more beautifully than ever. Villas and castles abound, some dating back to the Middle Ages. The Italians take enormous pride in their legacy and go to great lengths to preserve and maintain their towns and countryside which look much like they did 800 years ago.

6 Reasons to get Married in Italy annette and Roland outside

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Daniela Haltmayer, of

Daniela’s top reasons for why you should get married in Italy

1. Because it’s magical! There is a romantic aura about Tuscany that cannot be found in any other place in the world. This makes it the perfect location.

2. All of Daniela’s venues are updated for modern comfort and are the ‘real deal’. There are 14th, 15th and 16th-century villas, castles and country houses to choose from. Plus they pretty much all have spectacular views. What’s more, most are conveniently close to major cities such as Siena, Florence and Pisa.

3. The weather from May through October is nearly perfect all the time, which means you can pretty much bank on the weather.

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4. Because you can still have a blessing if you can’t have an official ceremony. Although Italian bureaucracy can be tricky, Daniela can help solve the glitches beforehand. She is fluent in English, German, Italian and Dutch and can arrange a civil ceremony.

5. Because the suppliers are equally as good. There are amazing florists, caterers and stylists for every taste level and pocketbook.

6. The food and wine of Tuscany are unparalleled in quality, taste and purity. As if we even had to tell you. What’s more, Tuscan cuisine offers something for everyone, so fussy children will find something.

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Finally, you’ve done the tricky part and that’s finding your soulmate. What’s left is to seal the deal with a celebration you will remember forever. Furthermore, if you want an Italian wedding, take a look at Dieting Mistakes Every Bride Makes

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