So you’re just engaged and maybe you’re doing the round of phone calls, uploading that engagement ring selfie to your Facebook or just telling your colleagues at work over a coffee break.

Whatever way you announce your engagement, you are bound to hear these 6 questions coming from the mouths of your friends, family and work colleagues, no matter what… m&d330

“Show me the ring?”

The standard first question: the ring. People want to see the lovely addition to your left hand as soon as you say the words, ‘He proposed’, and do you know what? You’ll be more than happy to show them.

“When’s the wedding?”

As soon as that ring is on your finger, it’s going to be assumed you know at least the date, time, and venue, and should/would love to explain every detail of your wedding plans on the spot when asked.

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“Is it going to be a big thing or a small thing?”

Translation: “Am I invited, and am I allowed to bring a plus one?”. People love a good wedding – it’s a diary date to look forward to, buy a new dress for and celebrate a couple’s happiness with friends and family, (and bubbles).

“Are you inviting ___ and ___?!”

The preposition of a wedding means people will think up sticky situations you might have to address, like your guest list. Maybe there’s a family feud going on, or you don’t know whether to invite your ex – fear not, these can be easy to deal with!

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“Who’s paying for it?”

Quite nosey, but family and friendly concern over money is natural too. It is something you should consider first – who’s paying for the wedding overall, or how are you splitting it?

“When are you having the baby?”

‘First comes love, second comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby’s carriage’. It might not be what you’re thinking about amidst wedding planning, but you’re almost guaranteed to be asked it if you don’t have kids already by the people you tell, your grandma included. LAP-Copyright-432-Vintage

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