With videographers becoming more and more popular at weddings, we asked James Fisher from 88 Films which wedding day moments are most important to catch on film – here’s what he said!


“Wedding photographs are a beautiful keepsake, with a photographer seemingly a permanent fixture in almost every wedding budget. When it comes to film, however, lots of brides are unaware of the fabulous moments, above and beyond the still frames delivered by a photographer, that a videographer can capture on their big day. The motion, clarity, and above all sound, means that film is the ultimate memento for reliving your special day forever more.

1. Groomsmen preparation

“Understandably, not every couple wants to be filmed getting ready in the morning, but a good videographer will melt into the background and quietly capture the story of your transformation into bride and groom. The morning of a wedding provides a treasure trove of beautiful natural moments that make priceless memories. Here is a clip of a groom struggling to complete his speech for nerves while the groomsmen prepare breakfast and polish their shoes. Luckily his best man is on hand for a bit of moral support!

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2. The vows

“Whether you are getting married in a church, registry office, or atop a cliff, you’ll still have the same anticipation and excitement. With film you get the looks, the touches, the words, and the reactions of those closest to you as they witness the pinnacle – the moment all those months of planning have been building towards – of your wedding day.

3. Confetti and car

“The first wedding I ever remember was my aunt’s. I couldn’t have been more than seven years old and I wasn’t really sure what was happening. However, I do remember it was a classic English summer’s day and there was a frisson of excitement in the early evening as we were all ushered outside to await my aunt (and new uncle!) exiting the reception venue.

“Sitting on the gravel drive glinting in the sun was a bright green Beetle decorated extravagantly with ribbon and tin cans tied to the bumper. Coloured paper was pushed into my hand by my grandma and she told me to throw it up in the air when they came out of the door. When the air erupted in cheer and colour I took it as my cue to throw the little pieces of paper into the air. My aunt and uncle proceeded down the front steps of the building, got into the car and with a hearty hum of an air-cooled engine and rattle of tins they disappeared down the drive into the summer’s evening.

4. The speeches

“The speeches are a special part of a wedding day. They’re a rare opportunity for the speakers to say a few words about the important people in their lives in front of all of their loved ones – and of course, a chance for the best man to perform his set! Sometimes it’s the groom who gets the biggest laugh of the day though…

5. Special messages

“Your wedding guests will be divided into three categories when they find out about the Video Guestbook; those who definitely don’t want to get in front of camera to leave you a message, those who will after four glasses of wine (and will probably sing too!), and those who have been preparing their performance since they found out on Facebook you have booked a videographer. It gives your guests a chance to congratulate you, and acts a quiet corner after the formal part of your day is over for your guests to leave a few precious words of love for you.

6. The first dance

“It’s a privilege to be asked to film such a special day in someone’s life, and one of the most openly intimate moments of a wedding can be the first dance. Stills can go so far to capture its essence, but for a true record of the cadence and emotion you need the movement of film.”

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