6 Mistakes Of Sending Save The Date Cards

Do you really need save the date cards? Yes you do, not least because someone somewhere is bound to book their summer holiday on your chosen date! Here are 6 save the date mistakes to avoid when you’re spreading the big news…

Sending them too late

The earlier you can notify guests that they are going to be invited to a wedding, the better. That gives them all the more opportunity to book the time off work, confirm hotel reservations and so on. However, think before you post… See rule 5!


6 Mistakes Of Sending Save The Date Cards: orangeblossomdesign.co.uk


Not making it personal

Your save the date doesn’t have to exactly match the colour scheme or wedding theme you’re having – who knows what that will be at this early stage, anyway! Just make it personal to you and your h2b and your guests will never forget! Perhaps a photobooth picture of you both? Or you with your pets? Whatever immediately says ‘us’ will be fine.




Not including plus ones

If you definitely know that you want a single guest to bring a plus one at this stage, add this to the save the date. It will help them to arrange hotel bookings, transport and so on.




Not saying the location

OK so you may not know the exact venue yet, but try to decide on a destination and include this on your save the date cards, especially if it’s going to be abroad. If you’ve always ever lived in London and you send a save the date, people may assume that’s where you’re getting hitched – but that may not be the case.




Sending a save the date but not an invitation

Think carefully before sending out save the dates because they have to go to people that you are actually going to invite to the wedding. You can’t send a save a date to someone who you might bump onto the evening-only guest list at a later date.




Making it too obscure

Save the date cards give you the opportunity to be creative and fun, but don’t go over the top. The most important thing is that the main information like your names, the date and location are clear.




Now you’ve sorted your save the dates, what about your wedding invitations? Here’s what you should be writing in yours…



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