Petals are the perfect wedding decoration, so who better to show you how to incorporate them into your day than floral experts Shropshire Petals! Here are five ways to wow using petals at your reception…

In vintage crockery

Vintage crockery is very on trend this season. Brides are choosing non-matching items to use at their wedding receptions. This is perfect for adding a splash of colour using natural petal confetti. If you have a wedding theme, choose different shades of your chosen colour for a bold, yet delicate effect. Place petals inside teacups and on saucers, or even in some beautiful vintage jugs.


As a chair back

Wheat sheaves are perfect for country or rustic weddings. Take a bunch of wheat, add some lavender, freeze dried roses or some fresh flower stems (on the morning of your wedding), wrap some ribbon around the middle of your wheat sheaf and tie to the back of your chairs at your wedding reception. These could even double up as favours if you wished.


In birdcages

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No vintage theme is complete without a birdcage! Place large petals or rose heads inside the cage for an opulence effect. Use these as your table centerpieces or as decorations around your reception venue. Sprinkle some smaller petals such as delphiniums, wildflowers or cornflowers around the base of your birdcages to add a flow of colour onto your tables.


Give to children to throw

Natural petal confetti not only looks stunning when thrown over a newly married couple, it is also great for keeping the children entertained. Give them the job of giving out the confetti to make them feel special. For flowergirls, place a few litres of delphinium or wildflower confetti into a basket for them to carry. Then they can circulate among your guests, offering them a handful as they go!  They can even scatter the petals down the aisle before you walk down it.


Rose buds on the cake

Give your wedding cake a natural feel by adding beautiful rose buds. Place clusters on the tiers to add that perfect finishing touch. Rose buds will really stand out on a plain, white wedding cake – great news if you’re planning on having an on-trend naked cake for your big day. Complement the rose buds with a sprinkle of smaller petals around the base of your cake and you’re done!


Make a confetti bar

Looking for a quick and easy DIY idea? Why not make yourself your very own confetti bar? Place a mixture of petals into different jars, display on a rustic wooden ladder and make a little sign so your guests know what to do. They can help themselves to a handful of their chosen colour and get ready to throw! The result? An explosion of colour in your wedding photos!


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