Worried about picking the perfect bridesmaid dresses? Choose beautiful styles for your day – and keep your best girls happy at the same time – with these top tips from wedding specialists Ebony Rose


Flatter their figures

Don’t dress your friends in something unflattering, you have to live with the wedding photographs as much as they do! Choosing their dresses should be a carefully considered process. Don’t rush it, and don’t try to find their outfits on the same day as you choose your own. Think about each individual girl and what’s going to make her feel confident.


Keep it simple

Simple and elegant usually works well for everyone. Remember, if you have bridesmaids of different shapes and sizes, A-line skirts and empire waists look good on all body shapes. You could always choose a colour or a fabric and then let each bridesmaid pick their own style?


Choose on-trend colours

Pastels are hot for 2014/15 weddings, although brighter shades are generally more flattering for all complexions and hair colours. Blush is one of the most popular wedding colours for spring/summer 2014 as it works so well with vintage-inspired celebrations, but make sure it suits all your girls’ complexions before parting with any cash.


Can they wear it again?

Versatility is a key thing to keep in mind when searching for your bridesmaids’ dresses. Most bridesmaids are looking for outfits that can be worn again after the big day – especially if you’re asking them to foot the bill for the gowns. If you do insist on a particular style, try to choose a dark colour like black or navy that they can easily wear again on another occasion.


Ask their opinions

Ask your bridesmaids to do some research into the types of style that they would like to wear and get together with them before you go dress shopping, so that you have some idea of exactly what you would all like to see.  If you are considering strapless dresses or gowns that don’t require bras, ensure your bridesmaids are all comfortable with this style.

Get them ordered early

Once you have chosen your wedding gown and decided on a colour theme for your wedding, it’s time to start thinking about the bridesmaids dresses and getting them ordered straight away. Your girls will be visible and on show all day, so don’t put off choosing their dresses until the last minute!

To see more gorgeous dress ideas for your girls, click here. Not sure what they should be doing on the day? We’ve got a handy list of duties in our Bridesmaid section.


  1. No! It’s rude of you don’t! If you can’t afford to dress them, you can’t afford to have them! Or if you do make them pay… You can’t make them wear a dress they’re not happy to buy or wear!

  2. Yes. Why would I pay? That’s the point if them saying yes. If they can’t afford it they shouldn’t agree. Not being rude because I’d help them out if needed and I’m choosing dresses under $100.

  3. I would never ask them to buy their dresses! I have spoilt my girls- dresses, shoes and all the accessories 🙂 However, if I had bought long dresses I would have probably asked them to buy their shoes, which is much more acceptable these days!

  4. I’m in the uk and it’s not unusual for bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses. My bridesmaids are paying for their own as they see it as being supportive towards our big day and after all, me and my fiancé r paying for everything else!!

  5. I told my friends I couldn’t afford to have them with so many family members being bridesmaids but they said it meant so much to them they would pay for their own dresses so they could be bridesmaids! Which I thought was lovely! If they offer then I think it’s fine!

  6. No. Definatly not, U can’t expect them to pay if u ask them to be a bridesmaid. We had 4 girls, We paid for each girl, dresses, alterations, shoes, hair, jewellery, accommodation, drinks all day & all nite everything!!!! Total Costing approx 600.00 per bridesmaid

  7. Weddings are expensive. I personally, am buying my bridesmaid dresses but I think it understandable if you don’t have the cash then you should be able to ask them to wear their own dress. If you instruct them to wear a certain dress and expect them to pay then that I feel is wrong.


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