You’ve decided on a budget for the big day but how do you allocate it? Here are six common wedding budget mistakes that many brides make. Don’t get caught out!


Buying your dress online

This is perhaps the biggest mistake of all. Many brides on a budget are tempted to buy online from overseas manufacturers, but what may seem like a great deal at the start usually turns into a nightmare. We often hear horror stories of wedding dresses arriving crumpled into tiny bags, dolls’ dresses arriving instead of the real thing, and sometimes dresses not arriving at all. These days, you have loads of options if your dress budget is limited – from manufacturer gowns sold through boutiques in the UK to high street wedding collections to UK-based reputable online boutiques such as Kitty & Dulcie. This is not just any other dress, it’s your wedding dress. This is the one time you’ll be able to have that experience of choosing the gown of your dreams – and what girl would want to give that up?

Booking videography at the last minute

Time and time again, our real brides tells us that their wedding videography was a last-minute purchase but we say this should be on your must-have list from the start. Photography is so important, but actually being able to hear your vows and the speeches is so special and something you will want to watch for years to come. We estimate a basic wedding videography package should be in the region of £500-£800, which might sound a lot but it will be money well spent that you can easily recoup in other areas.

Ordering more invitations than you need

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If you’ve got 50 guests coming to the ceremony, so you need 50 invitations, right? Wrong! In the excitement of the wedding planning, many brides forget that couples need just one invitation each so make sure you don’t over-order! Do get some extras, though, in case you make a mistake when writing them out. Your stationer can suggest roughly how many you’ll

Buying accessories before your dress

You’re engaged! Hoorah! What’s the first thing you do? Look for a dress… But wait! What’s that gorgeous headband I spy? Don’t do it! Your accessories should be bought to complement your dress, not the other way around. If you fall in love with a heavily embellished gown, you might not even need accessories, save a pair of statement earrings. The only exception to this rule is if you have a family heirloom that you want to include in your day, say a veil, a necklace or bracelet. Other than that, the dress comes first!

Not budgeting for a make-up artist

When we ask our real brides for their ‘best buys’ nine times out of ten they will say ‘professional make-up artist’. It’s usually a last-minute purchase because many brides feel that they can easily do their make-up themselves. But when it actually comes to the morning of the wedding and nerves start to set in, eyeliner starts to look wonky, blusher seems to heavy and what is usually an easy job can seem quite stressful. Not spending money here can be a big mistake – remember you’re going to be looking at these wedding photos for years to come, and you don’t want any make-up mishaps on show. Relax, have a glass of Champagne and let the professionals work their magic.


DIY disasters

Newsflash! DIY isn’t always the cheapest option. Many brides like to DIY their own details and it’s great for adding a personal touch but crafting only really saves you money when a) you’ve got a lot of time and b) you’re good at it to begin with! By the time you’ve bought all the materials, made a few mistakes and bought wine for all your bridesmaids (who you will, no doubt, ask for help), it might just be cheaper to purchase the items readymade. Consider DIY carefully, as something that starts off as a fun, crafty project could end up being a costly mistake.

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