Don’t waste your wedding budget on the wrong type of bridesmaid dresses… We caught up with the experts at Jasmine as they reveal six common mistakes that most brides make…

Getting the timings wrong

Many brides leave things to the last minute and standard delivery times on made to order bridesmaid dresses is usually three months. If you want to enjoy the widest choices, leave plenty of time. And if time is at a premium many companies including Jasmine offer a rush service but you will risk paying higher fees for this quicker turnaround.


Picking the wrong colours

Watch out for colour clashes. Remember your bridesmaids and groomsmen will need to complement each other. Plus, make sure you choose colours that will neither be lost nor scream at you from your wedding photos.


Choosing dresses that are too similar to your own

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Don’t dress your bridesmaids in anything too close to your own wedding gown. The idea is to complement the bride’s look, not overpower it. For example, if you are wearing lace, choose bridesmaids styles with just a touch of lace to echo your look. Alternatively it can look wonderful to select a single detail from your gown, such as the back or strap, and introduce this into your bridesmaid dresses.


Not considering their figures

Consider your bridesmaids’ figures before purchasing any dresses. A slinky Pippa Middleton number may look good on your size 8 sister but don’t make your size 16 friend wear the same. With Jasmine B2 and Belsoie collections you can choose each bridesmaid a dress that’s right for her individual shape and cut them all in the same colour and fabric.


Choosing the wrong style for the venue

Try to remember your maids will be in their dresses all day and it’s important that the style chosen is appropriate for the venue. If you’re having a religious ceremony, modesty can be important so plunging necklines may not be appreciated and if you are marrying on the beach or outside, chiffons and long dresses can get caught up and damaged easily.


Forgetting the hidden extras

Many brides forget the extras that can be necessary and although an approximate size is ordered, you may need the length adjusted or a final fitting, which will often cost you more. Remember to factor these things into your budget before you set your heart on a particular dress.


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