Looking for bridal bouquet inspiration for you and and your bridal team? On the hunt for the best flowers for your gorgeous girls? Well look no further as we’ve rounded up 50 of the best wedding bouquets from our real-life weddings to inspire you!


Bridal bouquets

Here at Wedding Ideas, we’ve seen a LOT of bridal bouquets, so we notice when flower trends change! In recent years we’ve noticed the handtied, ‘just-picked-from-the-garden’ look is extremely popular with all sorts of brides, whether they’re having an English country garden wedding or a bohemian festival-style celebration. If you love this type of look, just show a few of these pictures to your florist and they’ll know exactly what you mean! Plus, the best thing about having such an array of flowers in one bouquet is that if a few get damaged, or you have to swap in a different variety of flower last minute, it won’t throw off your entire look.

We’ve also noticed that brides are increasingly choosing romantic, full blooms such as peonies and roses. Not only do these stunning flowers look traditional and timeless – a beautiful rose bouquet will never date – they also come in some seriously pretty shades. Mixing shades of soft pink and blush is very popular with our 2014 brides, and looks set to be popular into 2015 too. If you’re looking for more colour inspiration for your flowers, take a look at this article!

Not got a clue when it comes to choosing your bridal bouquet? Start with the basics. When it comes to selecting wedding flowers, you have a few things to consider – namely your wedding colour  scheme or theme, your budget and what season you’re marrying in. Start discussions with your florist early, as many brides make the mistake of vastly underbudgeting for the flowers they want, or have to make substitutions as their chosen bloom isn’t in season. Don’t know where to start? Here are some essential questions you should ask your florist!

If your florist has a portfolio, ask to see it as soon as possible, so that you can make sure that their style is for you – plus, if you’re not quite sure what flowers you want, this can be a great source of inspiration. Alternately, take a look at the gallery below for some of the most gorgeous bouquets from our real weddings!

Bridesmaid bouquets

Once you’ve chosen your bridal bouquet, selecting flowers for your girls should be easy peasy! Take inspiration from your bouquet, and decide if you want to make miniature versions of it for your maids, or whether you’d like them to have a contrasting colour or variety of flower. Having the bridesmaids’ bouquets be very different from the bride’s used to be very popular, but we’re seeing in a lot of our real weddings that lots of brides nowadays choose to keep all their bouquets quite similar. We recommend that you at least make the bride’s slightly bigger, or have one flower different, just to make it stand out a little more.

Don’t forget the flowergirls either! You can either go traditional and have your younger ones scatter flower petals from a basket, or you could choose one of the cute alternatives that are becoming more popular, such as a flower wand or a pomander. We don’t recommend getting small children bouquets, though, as they will inevitably be dropped, trampled on or forgotten!

Take a look at our favourite bridesmaids’ bouquets here – and don’t forget to pin your favourites to Pinterest!