5 Of The Worst Wedding Speech Mistakes To Avoid On Your Wedding Day

Exes on the guest list. Calorie counting on your wedding day. The stag do. Some things are clearly just a no-no, and yet many a wedding speech has been ruined by people not knowing the big speech mistakes. Make sure you deliver a great speech by avoiding these bad boys, as told by speech experts, Speechy

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Thanking too many people

The average guest spends £640 going to a wedding. The last thing they want to do is listen to you thanking a long list of people but not them. What they deserve is an emotional, witty speech which reminds them why they’ve spent £50 on a cake slice for the most awesome couple ever.

Yes, thank both sets of parents, your best man/woman and any elderly grandparent who has made a special effort to make it. However, don’t let etiquette books convince you that you need to thank the minister, the caterers or anyone else out of duty. Write them amazing thank you cards instead.

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Forgetting size matter

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Size matters when it comes to the cake, the dress and, depending on that, the toilet cubicle. It’s also important when it comes to the size of your speech. The rule is keep it short; between five and eight minutes ideally. That’s long enough to be emotional and funny, and short enough to be powerful and memorable.

Bad storytelling

Many people mistake a speech as a collection of random anecdotes but it should be a story with a beginning, middle and satisfying end. The aim is to hook people in with a compelling premise from the beginning. An easy formula is opening with the promise to reveal all the surprising things you’ve learnt about your partner over the years. This allows you to include funny and sentimental anecdotes under one banner. You can then conclude the speech with your own surprise, maybe the fact you’ve booked a secret honeymoon or that you’ve got a new (fake?) tattoo in their honour.

Poor acoustics

No excuse for it but it’s amazing how many good speeches are ruined by the fact no one can actually hear them. Wedding venues are renowned for having bad acoustics so make sure you’ve got a microphone if you need one.


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Template traps

Half of all speeches could be taken from one wedding and inserted into another. They start the same, thank the same and end the same. Speeches have the power to be a wedding highlight but only if you resist the templates and the googled jokes. Instead see this as your chance to inject a massive dose of personality, love and fun into the day.

Shake things up. Ask your mum to give a speech. Do a joint Mr & Mrs speech at the evening reception. Get your 12 year old godson to give his take on love. Those sorts of ideas don’t just make good speeches, they make special moments that you’ll remember for years to come.