Marrying in winter? Wedding Ideas Award finalist Rachel Simpson is back with her suggestions for wonderful winter wedding shoes to keep your feet looking sweet, whatever the weather…

5-wonderful-winter-wedding-shoes-from-wedding-ideas-awards-finalist-rachel-simpson-CarmenCast your minds back to when seasons were seasons and snow was under foot in the winter months and the sun was your friend all summer. Bearing in mind the weather in good old Blighty has been pretty unpredictable in recent years, you don’t necessarily have to take this into account when choosing your winter wedding day footwear.

But should you wake up to that perfect, crisp winter scene on your big day, here’s our advice and choice of shoes to ensure a safe and stylish sashay up the aisle.



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Olivia is our classic shoe boot and looks lovely for winter weddings. Closed toes offer warmth and protection and leather is a more hard-wearing fabric so will continue to look beautiful throughout the day and beyond.



If you want to wear open toes in winter you can. Ginger in silver or gold adds a touch of festive sparkle if your wedding day falls around Christmas. The perfect shoe for dancing the day away and pairing with your New Year’s Eve party dress afterwards.



For contrast against wintery scenes, why not add a splash of seasonal colour to your bridal attire? Victoria is stunning in ivory but simply divine in our soft blush or midnight navy. Choosing a shoe with an ankle strap will also give added comfort and security on slippery surfaces.



Shoes with leather or suede soles are also a good way to avoid slipping on icy surfaces. And with the abundance of shoe care products on the market, you can pre-treat your shoes and opt for suede uppers too, a fabric that is traditionally avoided in snowy or wet weather. Blossom is our classic Mary Jane and the perfect mix of leather and suede with the addition of a ribbon tie for extra comfort.



If you’re not confident in heels, opt for a lower heel height. Lulu is our 1950s-inspired peep-toe with contrast piping and gorgeous bow trim. This shoe is the ultimate in comfort in buttery soft leather on a wearable two-inch heel.