Whether your groom dives head first into wedding planning or avoids it at all costs, whether he is laid-back or knows exactly what he wants, these are five wedding planning vows that every groom should make. Like it or loathe it, teamwork does make the dream work!

5 wedding planning vows every groom should make to make sure your dream day is stress free, completely perfect, and, above all, yours (both of you!).
  1. I promise to show I care

It’s a given that your groom cares about you – he did ask to marry you after all – but you want to know he cares about the actual wedding, too. That doesn’t mean your groom needs to be there to make every decision together, you’ll know as a couple what balance will work best, but it does mean that you shouldn’t feel like you’ve been left on your own to plan an entire wedding. The day is about the two of you, so approach it like that.


  1. I promise to have my say

We’ve all heard of the bridezilla and perhaps even been guilty of being a tiny bit like one ourselves once or twice, so your groom might be tempted to take a back seat so you can have your day your way, without any fretting. While it might be tempting to have everything the way you want it, make sure he makes his thoughts heard and that you encourage him to do so. It’ll mean more to both of you as a result.


  1. I promise to keep you company

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To the department stores to make your gift list, to the venue to plan your decorations, to the cake maker’s to try different flavours. You’ll both have so much more fun planning your wedding and make some wonderful memories in the process if you do lots of it together. You’re a team – start by choosing your first dance song together.


  1. I promise not to pry

Just as some parts of your wedding planning are best done together, there are some that are traditionally kept secret – your dress and bridesmaid dresses, to name two. While your groom might be tempted to take a look at your gown while you’re out or pester your maids to find out what it’s like, a good groom will respect the boundaries. Whether your first look is as you walk down the aisle or in an intimate meeting beforehand, it’ll be all the more special for being a surprise. If you think his best man might need a few pointers too, then these best man commandments are the answer you’ve been looking for.


  1. I promise to make you feel special

This might better fit wedding day rather than wedding planning vows, but it’s important, so it’s staying. Whether it’s that sneaky peek as you walk down the aisle, the smile your photographer captures, or the whispered words as you prepare to say your vows to each other, you’re both celebrating your love and commitment to each other, so make sure you show how special the person is to you. It needn’t be much – a smile, a word, even a nudge or squeeze of the hand will do the job perfectly.


Which of these wedding planning vows does your groom need to make?