5 Wedding Disasters That Aren’t So Bad After All…

Some things just have to go right: the bride and groom must both attend; the “I dos” must be said; the photographer must show up. But, for some things, it’s okay to slip up a bit without them becoming wedding disasters.

If things are out of your control, not essential to actually getting married, and won’t ruin your big day memories forevermore, don’t waste the day worrying about them just because they didn’t exactly turn out as you’d imagined.

It's easy to overthink things when it comes to your big day, but there are some supposed wedding disasters that aren't so bad if you handle them right...


Wherever you’re tying the knot, if you’re doing it al fresco, it’s good to have a back up plan. Whether that’s retreating under an arbour, having a bucket of brollies on hand, or a back up venue indoors, be prepared for whatever the weather might bring.

If it does rain on your wedding day, embrace it! Your photographer will have coped with the conditions before, so you’ll still get some STUNNING snaps. In fact, some of our favourite ever wedding photographs include rainbows and raindrops – and you don’t get them without the wet weather! The unpredictability of the British weather has seen more brides choosing a pretty bridal umbrella just as they would a wedding accessory! Plain, translucent, decorative, hemmed – totes.co.uk offer pearlised, gold and simply ivory bridal brollies (these really won’t look out of place in your wedding photos either!)


Are the table runners a shade off perfect? Is the cake a little wonky? Are the decorations not hung as you’d like them to be? Let it go if you can, or have a bridesmaid on hand to make a few quick changes. The chances are that you’ll be the only one who even notices any slight departures from your dream, so try not to let any small things stop you from loving your big day.

It's easy to overthink things when it comes to your big day, but there are some supposed wedding disasters that aren't so bad if you handle them right...


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As with all things natural, there are going to be differences from flower to flower. Your florist will likely be working to your requested design and colour scheme, but you do need to allow for some natural variations in colour and shape and be prepared to work with the blooms that are in season at the time of your wedding. And if they’re not the perfect shade of pale pink you wanted? Well, you’ll probably love them anyway!


Crying children

No one wants their ceremony to be interrupted, but if a baby starts to cry there’s not a lot you can do. If it’s really going to bother you, consider politely asking that guests with little ones sit nearer to the back so they can make a quick escape if need be, but for the happiest possible time, just accept that what happens, happens. You’ll still be getting married, so enjoy it! For extra help, check out these ways to keep children entertained at weddings.


Drunk guests

With the post ceremony drinks, wine during the wedding breakfast, and Champagne for the speeches, most guests have quaffed a fair amount of alcohol before the evening dancing even gets under way. If you’re worried about a few guests taking it too far, then nominate a few willing groomsmen to be on duty if anyone gets too drunk, so they can be shown to a taxi before things get out of hand.


While these wedding disasters can still have a silver lining (or at least be managed), some really don’t. These wedding horror stories are all pretty good examples of things you definitely want to avoid.


What wedding disasters are keeping you up at night? What advice can you give to other brides and grooms-to-be?