Five ways to wellbeing for brides from Mind, the mental health charity.

Most brides-to-be have the occasional wobble in the build up to their big day, but if you’re feeling a little frayed around the edges then follow Mind’s 5 ways to wellbeing…

5 Ways To Wellbeing For Stressed Brides


When you’re feeling frazzled with wedding planning don’t bottle it up. Talk to friends and family and get it off your chest. Think of what you’d say to a friend if they came to you feeling stressed about a part of their wedding and hold onto that kindness and perspective.

Be Active

Chances are you’ll be doing plenty of dashing around ahead of your wedding so make time to do something active for yourself. Whether it’s taking a walk away from the wedding spreadsheet, or prioritising your favourite gym class over writing invites, invest in your mental health by being active.

Take Notice

Mindfulness might seem like a trendy pastime but there’s a lot to be said from being in the moment, especially on the day itself. Plan in time for you and your partner to step back and take it all in. Look round at the people gathered to celebrate with you, and take it in with all of your senses.


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Learn from other brides who’ve been through it – they’re a world of advice and reassurance. Best thing we’ve heard? Planning a wedding can feel like a full time job, so treat it like it is! Block out your wedding planning time and stick to it.


Studies have shown that acts of kindness and helping others are traits associated with improved wellbeing. Look after yourself while you’re planning by taking the opportunity to support your favourite causes with your guests. You can share the love on your special day by having charity wedding favours or a charity guest list. Why not support Mind?


If you are struggling with your mental health, remember you can call our info-line on 0300 1233393
5 Ways To Wellbeing For Busy Brides-to-be


Mind is the leading mental health charity for England and Wales. At the moment 3 in 5 people with a mental health problem receive no support at all. Support Mind at your wedding and help us make sure that no one faces a mental health problem alone. Shop for wedding favours and more today at