How do you make sure your wedding decorations create the right impact on the big day? We’ve teamed up with luxury wedding planners Collection 26 to reveal all…

Wild bouquets

Add colour, drama and style to your wedding day with a larger than life bouquet. With oversized, wildflower bouquets, you can make a real statement . How about adding some trailing foliage to add length? This looks absolutely fab when brides are walking down the aisle. There are no real rules for this trend – you can simply use a dense armful of flowers, that vary in lengths if you like, or, for a more dramatic look, choose a singular stem such as a huge King Protea. Be sure to research which blooms are best for your wedding season to avoid paying extra for out-of-season flowers.


Mirror, mirror

How about adding an extra dimension to your reception by decorating with mirrors? Gather up an eclectic range of vintage window panes and ornate mirrors from antique markets, or places like eBay and Etsy for this enchanting wedding look. Large mirrors are ideal for displaying your table plan and ceremony programs, while smaller mirrors are perfect to use for table numbers. Use white or gold dry-case markers for the calligraphy for an added subtle hint of glamour. You could even create a feature wall of mirrors, and place candles in front to reflect in them for a truly magical effect.


Lovely lights

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Lighting can totally transform a plain venue into something spectacular, and is crucial in setting the right ambiance. Give your venue an intimate atmosphere by using a diverse range of mason jars, candelabra, lanterns and tea lights to line entrances, stairways and window sills. You can add to your centrepieces by hanging votives from them. This makes for an extra sparkle which is brilliant for a winter theme! What about putting in some colour filters? This would enhance your venue’s features and add dramatic effect. Choose warm, amber shades for a soft, romantic glow to make for a beautiful, warm and welcoming environment for your guests.


Food, glorious food

Large dessert and buffet tables always look inviting, eye-catching and irresistible. Get the shabby chic look by plating the food on mismatched, antique dishes, all in different sizes, patterns and colours for an extra rustic feeling. You can put them at different heights too by using vintage wine crates or wooden boxes to elevate them. You could even add a touch of glamour by using Champagne bottles as vases.


The bar

Interactive bars are a great way to keep your guests entertained, and provide a great opportunity for you to get creative. For a playful look, hire large vintage whiskey barrels to form the structure of the bar. Alternatively, wheelbarrows are a fun way to store chilled drinks, but will also add to the rustic charm of the day. A hot beverage bar is an ideal way to keep the children entertained, and would go down a treat at a winter wedding. Fill mason jars with yummy toppings such as marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles and flakes. Serve in vintage tea cups for an ultra-chic look. Or for an alcoholic version, have a ‘fruit station’ where guests can create their own concoctions of Bellinis!

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