As the nights draw in, getting the lighting right for your evening wedding reception becomes more and more important. Top party and event planners, MGN Events are here to show you how it’s done…

Assess your venue

If you’re planning an evening reception, look at the room that you’re going to use after dark, as well as in the daytime. You’ll get a better feel of how the fixed lighting in the room works so you can get an idea of what lighting you’d want to add to get the right atmosphere.

Consider different options

Maybe your reception is in a venue where the dance floor is set up in a different part of the same room to your tables and chairs? How about using different coloured lighting washes to separate the two areas? Get the spotlight on the traditional wedding Dad-dancing!

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Be colourful

Coloured lighting can add a lot of atmosphere to your wedding reception. It can set the mood for each part of the evening, from the welcome drinks to the meal and dancing. Things like this can be pre-programmed to be done at the touch of a button with intelligent lighting systems to save you from going back and forth!

Guide your guests

Think about outside lighting, especially if you have evening guests coming to the celebration after dark. It depends on how much outdoor space you expect the guests to use, but you definitely need to make sure that steps and any other uneven surfaces are well lit to avoid any accidents. Why not created a magical atmosphere with hanging lanterns, or fairylights in the trees?

Discuss it

Good lighting can be set up around any size of budget. You’ve got to think about what you want to do first, then talk to your reception venue and take advice from an events planner or lighting designer. The professionals know best, and even the simplest lighting schemes can impress your guests if they are done correctly!

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