February is the month of romance and passion. In February, many like to blow their salary on expensive tasting menus in top restaurants and embark on lavish weekends away in remote country spa hotels. For those who prefer to be more resourceful with their Valentine’s budget, it’s often a challenge to prove your love in another way.

Luckily, for those looking to escape this Valentine’s one of the top hotels in Oxfordshire has come to the rescue. The Oxford Abingdon Hotel recognises that whisking your partner away for a romantic weekend doesn’t need to be expensive. To help those looking to escape, they have come up with five ways to save money but still impress your other half this February.

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Be realistic

Before deciding on what to do, where to go, where to stay, decide on how much you are willing to spend and work with it. By establishing this early on you will become more resourceful with the money you have and it will certainly go further.

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Be original

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A great way of proving to your partner that you love them is to think outside of the box. Why not choose a destination they wouldn’t think of going and surprise them. Even the most expensive cities in the UK have accommodation which is affordable but still offer a good spot to rest your head.

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Be spontaneous

One of the best ways to be romantic is to be spontaneous. Tell your partner that you are taking them away; you can even tell them where you’re taking them if you’d prefer. The trick is to save all the little trips and adventures for them to find out the weekend goes on. This makes the trip more exciting and unpredictable.

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Be tasteful

While being on a budget often rules out pricey experiences, one thing money can’t buy is taste. When choosing activities for your getaway pursue cultural experiences such as museums, art galleries, and landmark sites as oppose to gimmick activities that you can do at home like bowling, ice skating and laser quest. It is also worth taking advantage of upmarket restaurants and bars which offer cheaper menus between certain times of the day. To get ideas, TripAdvisor often have lists for popular destinations like ‘Things to Do in Oxfordshire’, etc.

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Be true

Finally, like taste, no amount of money can buy true love. Ensure you spend plenty of time talking to one another, planning your next adventure and relaxing. Everything else will be an added bonus.

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Escape for a romantic getaway with your O.H and visit The Oxford Abingdon Hotel!