The benefits of a tea bag can stretch a lot further than you may think, with so many health and beauty regimes enhanced by a little bag of leaves, including that all-important bridal beauty!

Eli Cohen, founder of health and wellbeing brand Nutrient Wise, gives his top tea bag uses to make you look and feel great on your big day… other than adding them to water and making a perfect morning brew, of course.

Dissolve the dark circles

Lots of planning and pre-wedding nerves may get in the way of sleep in the run up to your wedding. No bride wants pesky dark circles or puffy eyes on their big day, but this can easily be avoided.

Placing warm soaked tea bags over closed eyes for 20 minutes can help to revitalise tired eyes. The ingredient tannins, a compound which is responsible for the antioxidant activities of tea, helps to reduce puffiness and alleviate the dark circles.

nutrient-wise-Tea bags to dissolve dark circles

Make hair shinier

A bride’s wedding hair is almost as important as the dress itself. Make sure your hair shines as you walk down the aisle by rinsing your hair with a cup of tea, post-shampoo.

This will make it easier to manage, however be careful to make sure you only do this on darker hair as the tea can temporarily dye highlights.

Natural highlights

For lighter haired brides wanting subtle highlights, a regular rinse with tea water is the way forward. It won’t do anything dramatic but will make a slight difference and look great in the much-anticipated wedding photos.


Shine mirrors

Every bride wants to look perfect on their wedding day, so gleaming mirrors are an essential for spotting any stray lipstick before you leave home. Cleaning a mirror with a cloth dampened in a pot of strongly brewed tea will allow it to shine and sparkle.

Once this has been wiped over the surface, it should be buffed with a soft, dry cloth and this will leave a desirable streak-free finish – perfect for any bride adding the finishing touches to her hair, make-up or outfit.

Natural detox

It there’s ever one day in your life that you want to feel great both physically and mentally, it’s your wedding day. Detox teas contain natural and organic ingredients, such as cayenne pepper and peppermint, which work as digestive aids and help to support the body’s natural detox process.

Brides can try different day and night time blends. Your morning pick-me-up will put you in the right mindset to enjoy a day of wedding planning or cure a hen do hangover, whereas a cuppa before bed will help you to wind down, relax and get a good night’s sleep.

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