5 Top Tips to REALLY Make an Impression With Your First Dance

Do you love the idea of showing off your moves on your wedding day, or does the thought of all eyes on you leaves you a little apprehensive? There’s no denying a first dance is an exciting part of any wedding.

5 Top Tips to REALLY Make an Impression With Your First Dance

More often, brides and grooms are taking the leap and creating special. Unique routines for their first dance that will make their wedding guests laugh, cry and proud to witness it.

What’s the key to creating the perfect first dance for you?

At City Dance Parties we know a thing or two about both weddings and a good old-fashioned boogie (over the years we’ve seen it all!). We’ve gathered a list of top tips to help you make a splash with your first dance!

Find a theme or song that means something to you

Your wedding day, after all, is all about you and your partner, so find something that’s special to you, whether it’s silly or serious. Chloe and Carlos who got married in Bristol this year, met while salsa dancing. They performed a salsa routine at their wedding earlier this year. (Chloe’s sister even gave the guests a little salsa lesson before the band played!).

Clare, who got married last month also wanted to recreate the moment that she and her husband met. She was a dancer out of college, and her h2b was a Big Band sax player. Clare says “It was amazing as the band leader invited Mr & Mrs Morgan up to take their first dance. But instead I came running on with the girls and he joined in with the band. Super cheesy but hilarious!”

Get your nearest and dearest involved

What better way to really get the party started than by getting your closest friends and family involved with your first dance? Whether you learn a routine on your hen weekend with your girlfriends to perform (we’ve previously choreographed Grease Megamix’, Charleston’s and Burlesque wedding routines at our hen party dance classes!), or want to have a full flash mob, there are so many options to get everyone involved!

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Reema from Bristol even performed a Beyonce hip hop mash up with backing dancers at her sister’s Indian wedding. She ‘wanted to show her guests, many of whom were from a very traditional background, just how powerful women can be!’.

Know your limits

As much as a big finale lift (a la Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing) may seem appealing, if you’re not a professional dancer, maybe give it a miss! By the time you’ve got to the first dance, you’ll have probably enjoyed a glass of bubbly or three, so don’t risk spending your wedding night in A&E by putting in overambitious lifts and tricks.

5 Top Tips to REALLY Make an Impression With Your First Dance

Get Creative

Katrina, who performed a six-minute mega mix flashmob with her husband Alex and their guests, (video above!) took charge of the choreography, all of which was all learnt in the guests own time. Some of the bridesmaids even learnt it on the beach a few weeks before the wedding! Alex got involved and had ‘great fun editing our playlist mash-up of popular tunes’!

Don’t be afraid to get it wrong!

It happens to everyone, whether you’re a professional dancer with years of experience, or a dance newbie, when nerves and excitement kicks in, little things can go wrong. It doesn’t matter! You’ll probably be the only one who notices, so have a laugh, and don’t beat yourself up if you do make mistakes. Katrina’s Flashmob ran with ‘lots of energy laughter, and mistakes’, but to this day their guests compliment them on such a fun experience.
Whatever you decide to do make it your own, have fun, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get everything perfect. Check out some highlights of Katrina and Alex’s first dance below for some inspiration!


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